I began this project with a general outline of the elements. I knew that I wanted to create a piece with a hierarchy of specificity in meaning, from least specific to most specific. After some contemplation, I decided that the element that was most open to various interpretations was sound, followed by image, and finally by words. So before I began constructing this piece, I had decided the general flow of the piece would be as follows: sound in, add image, add words. This would be sustained for a period of time, and then the sound would be the first to drop out, followed then by the image. The words would remain on the screen until the next sound was introduced with the intention of altering the meaning, and the cycle would then repeat.

My original conceptual framework looks something like this:

  Sound/Music Image/Gesture Word/Expression
1 Birdsong Wood texture the wood bends
2 Creaking sounds, in rhythm Cracked paint to hear you
3 Classical Music Raindrops laugh and cry


The final product was not as polished as I had initially intended it to be. The piece grew to be different from my original intention in subtle yet meaningful ways, as you can see from my original framework. The sounds had the most notable difference: the sound in the second section was not as rhythmic as I had originally intended, and the "music" I had intended to place in the third section was not organized music at all, but a recording of practice room noise. Additionally, instead of an image of raindrops in the third section, I used an image of tree sap — similar in appearance, yet much more aptly tied to the other images and words. Overall, the final product was a simplified version of what I had previously envisioned, but the simplicity of the piece ended up adding to the overall meaning behind it.