Patrick Hayden

Professor of Physics
Stanford University

Office: 308 Varian
Phone: (650)725-9181


Research Interests
Quantum information theory, quantum computing and quantum cryptography. I study the absolute limits that physics places on information processing, and how to exploit physical effects to accomplish otherwise impossible communication and computing tasks.

Selected Recent Papers
* Quantum computation vs. firewalls
* Two-message quantum interactive proofs and the quantum separability problem
* Summoning information in spacetime, or where and when can a qubit be?
* Information trade-offs for optical quantum communication
* Towards the fast scrambling conjecture
* Holographic mutual information is monogamous
* From low-distortion norm embeddings to explicit uncertainty relations and efficient information locking
* Weak decoupling duality and quantum identification
* Black holes as mirrors: Quantum information in random subsystems
* Counterexamples to the maximal p-norm multiplicativity conjecture for all p > 1

Prospective Students
I am currently recruiting Ph.D. students. If you love physics, computer science and mathematics, and have a strong background in at least two of them, please apply!

Other Affiliations
Distinguished Research Chair, Perimeter Institute
Fellow, CIFAR Quantum Information Processing Program
Associate Member, McGill University Physics Department
McGill University School of Computer Science



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