Reading group on Financial Markets

Fridays noon-1pm in 351 Landau


If you are interested in joining this group, please contact me first.


Before presenting, please take a look at these tips for reading group presentations


Part 1: Recent advances in modeling search frictions


Jan 24 (Diego) Incomplete risk sharing & random search

Krusell-Mukoyama-Rogerson-Sahin 2010

1:30 pm - 2:30 pm NEED ROOM


Jan 31 (Moritz) Random search and asset markets

Lagos-Rocheteau 2011

1:30 2:30 pm NEED ROOM


Feb 7 (Alonso) Asymmetric information about assets in exchange

Lester-Postlewaite-Wright 2012


Feb 14 (Pavel) Directed search & heterogeneous match quality

Menzio-Shi 2012


Part 2: Asset market applications of search models


Feb 21 (Ian) Federal funds market

Afonso-Lagos 2012:


Feb 28 (Mike) Housing

Halkett-Pignatti 2013


Mar 7 (Huiyu) Mergers

David 2013


Mar 14 (Gila) Banking

Williamson 2013



Background on competitive search

Galenianos-Kircher IER 2012


Survey about Search Models