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Pablo Kurlat  

Research Statement


Liquidity as Social Expertise, Journal of Finance, 2017

Asset Markets with Heterogeneous Information, Econometrica, 2016

Testing for Information Asymmetries in Real Estate Markets (with Johannes Stroebel), Review of Financial Studies, 2015

Should We Regulate Financial Information? (with Laura Veldkamp), Journal of Economic Theory, 2015

Optimal Stopping in a Model of Speculative Attacks, Review of Economic Dynamics, 2015

Lemons Markets and the Transmission of Aggregate Shocks, American Economic Review, June 2013

Working Papers

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Fire Sales

Signaling to Experts (with Florian Scheuer)

The Social Value of Financial Expertise ("Revise and Resubmit", American Economic Review)

Why are Banks Exposed to Monetary Policy? (with Sebastian Di Tella)

Optimal Financial Fragility

Current Projects

Job Interviews in General Equilibrium (with Sebastian Di Tella)