The Women

Many women were affected by the Trojan War. Though the war lasted only 10 years, it influenced the future. Because of it, kings, such as Agamemnon, were murdered and queens, such as Dido, died in grief.

Each woman brings a unique perspective. Those in Troy got to see the war first-hand (Andromache, Briseis, Cassandra, Creusa, Hecuba, Helen, Penthesilea, Polyxena, Tecmessa). Others waited in distant lands for the war to end (Clytemnestra, Deidameia, Laodamia, Penelope). Some were not affected until the war had ended (Dido). And some took a more active stance in the war by wielding swords and fighting (Penthesilea and the Amazons).

The Trojan War turned lives upside down and created a vast array of myths. Below are just a few of the women whose lives were touched by the Trojan War.