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Solution to the Cosmic Ray Anisotropy Problem

13 January 2015

Standard cosmic ray diffusion models overpredict the dipole amplitude in the arrival directions of cosmic rays at Earth. Including anisotropic diffusion and intermittency effects solves this problem. Find out more in our PRL paper.

Radioloops and dust

17 May 2014

Our paper on the dust contamination of CMB maps is getting some attention by the press, see here, here and also here.

Fermi bubbles workshop

15 April 2013

Great workshop on the Fermi bubbles here in Stanford! Check out some of the excellent talks here.


1 October 2012

Just moved to Stanford and starting as the new Kavli fellow today!

Oxford Science Blog

1 December 2011

Our PRL paper on the Fermi bubbles has been featured by the Oxford Science Blog! Read our interview here.

2nd-order Fermi acceleration paper

22 November 2011

My 2nd-order Fermi acceleration paper has been accepted by JCAP today. That was quick!