Curriculum Vitae


1991-1996Cornell University, Ithaca, New York; Ph.D. in English in 1998
1987-1991University of Houston, Houston; B.A. in English. Graduated summa cum laude with University Honors and Honors in Major.
1980-1981Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut.

Teaching Positions

Jan 2002-presentAssociate Professor, Department of English (and, by courtesy, of Iberian and Latin American Cultures), Stanford University
1996-2001Assistant Professor, Department of English (and by courtesy, of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese), Stanford University

Administrative Positions

2011-2012Director, Program in Modern Thought and Literature, Stanford University
2005-2008Vice-Chair, Department of English, Stanford University
2002-2005Director, Undergraduate Program, Center for Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity, Stanford University
2002-2005Chair, Major in Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity, Stanford University

Fellowships, Honors, and Awards

2003-2005Stanford Fellow
2001-2002Ford Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship for Minorities
2000-2001Dean's Award for Distinguished Teaching, Stanford University
2000-2001Brown Faculty Fellow, Stanford University
1999-2000CCSRE Junior Faculty Fellow, Stanford University
1997-1998Outstanding Chicana/o Faculty Member, Stanford University
Summer 1995Dissertation Completion Project Fellowship, Tomás Rivera Center
Summer 1995Women's Studies Program Fellowship, Cornell University
Summer 1995Chicana/Latina Summer Research Institute Fellowship, UC-Davis
1994-1996Graduate School Minority Student Fellowship, Cornell University
1993Gertrude Spencer Teaching Prize, Cornell University
1993Faulkenau Fellowship for University Service, Cornell University
1991-1993 Gertrude Spencer Teaching Prize, Cornell University
1993J. Saunders Redding Fellowship, Cornell University
1991Phi Kappa Phi Scholarship, University of Houston
1990-1991Khristen Shepler Memorial Scholarship, University of Houston
1989-1991Honors Program Scholarship, University of Houston
1980National Merit Scholarship


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Professional Activities (selected)

Departmental Service (Stanford)

2009-2010Reappointment Committee for Saikat Majumdar
2005-2008Chair, Creative Planning Committee
2007-2008Early American Literature Search Committee
2006-2008Graduate Studies Committee
2006-2007Co-Chair, Search Committee for English-language literature outsides of Britain and the U.S.
2003-2005African-American Literature Search Committee
2003-2005Co-Chair, Graduate Admissions
1996-2008Committee on Selecting Jones Lecturers, Creative Writing Program
Departmental Advisory Committee
2000-2002American Literature Search Committee
1999-2001Chair, Lora Romero Memorial Lecture Committee
1999-2000Junior Search Committee
1998-1999Alden Dissertation Prize Selection Committee
1997-1999Writing and Critical Thinking Committee
1998-1999Bocock/Guerard Fiction Prize Selection Committee
1997-1998Co-chair, English Department Lecture Committee

University Service (Stanford)

2005-presentStanford Humanities Center Advisory Board
2007-presentGraduate Faculty Fellowship Advisory Committee
2011-presentIntroductory Seminars Faculty Advisory Board
2010-2011Discussion Leader, 12@12, A Series of Interdisciplinary Lunch Discussions Among Graduate Students and Faculty
2009-2010Committee on Undergraduate Standards and Procedures
2006-2007New Strategies Advisory Group
2005-2007Committee-in-Charge, Program in Modern Thought and Literature
2003-2005Faculty Senate
2002-2005Committee on Undergraduate Admission and Financial Aid
2000-2008Executive Committee, Research Institute in Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity (RICSRE)
1996-2008Resource Faculty for Feminist Studies
2001-2002Program in Writing and Rhetoric Lecturer Selection Committee
Galarza Prize Selection Committee
1996-2000Chicana/o Studies Curriculum Committee
1998-1999Rhetoric Search Committee
1996-1998Faculty Sponsor, Chicana/o Colloquia, Chicana/o Latina/o Graduate Student Association
1996-1998Affiliated Faculty Member, Stanford Center for Chicana/o Studies
1997, 2003Lopez/Rosaldo Prize Selection Committee

University Service (Cornell)

1995Graduate Student Representative, Graduate and Professional Student Finance Committee
1994-1995At-large Representative, Graduate and Professional Student Assembly
1994-1995Graduate Student Representative, University Assembly
1994-1995University Assembly Liaison, Board on University Health
Fall 1994Coordinator, Student Ad Hoc Coalition on the U.S. Latina/o Studies
1993-1994President, U.S. Latina/o Graduate Student Coalition
1993-1994Co-Coordinator, U.S. Latina/o Studies Colloquia
1993Graduate Student Representative, English Department Faculty Search Committee for a Specialist in U.S. Latina/o Literature

Professional Associations