about me

I'm a fourth-year PhD student in Linguistics at Stanford University. My research interests are in semantics, pragmatics (particularly formal and experimental approaches), and reasoning. Before coming to Stanford, I completed an MPhil in General Linguistics and Comparative Philology at the University of Oxford (July 2013), where I specialized in syntax, semantics, and psycholinguistics. I received my B.A. in mathematics (with minors in linguistics and philosophy) from the University of Chicago in June 2010.

I'm currently working on actuality entailments and inferences, and thinking about their relationship to implicative and causative verbs of various types. I'm also interested in interactions between quantifiers and conditionals: see my research page for recent work with Sven Lauer on relative readings in conditionals, and for experimental work with Dan Lassiter on exceptive phrases and unless. This semester (Spring 2017), I am visiting MIT through the Exchange Scholar Program.