Do you feel that a major scientific revolution is in the making and that it will blossom and bear fruit in the 21st Century? Then you will find congenial spirits in the Alternative Natural Philosophy Association and it in its western chapter ANPA WEST. Many of us believe that a scientific shift, comparable in scope to that which occurred in the Seventeenth Century, has alreadly begun.

ANPA is an interdisciplinary science and philosophy group which employs disiplined thought to reach conclusions. Our backgrounds vary from computer science, logic, particle physics and cosmology through quantum physics and molecular biology to technology transfer strategies.

Our parent organization was founded in Cambridge, England, in the fall of 1979, at the suggestion of Pierre Noyes , Clive Kilmister, and Ted Bastin. The first meeting was held at Clive's "Red Tiles Cottage " near Lewes, near Tom Paine's birthplace. Joined later by Frederick Parker-Rhodes and John Amson, fifteen meetings were intially held at Cambridge, and now annual meetings are held at Cambridge and Stanford Universities.

ANPA WEST 13 was a great success at Stanford University.
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ANPA WEST for the last decade issues a quarterly journal, and hosts the annual international winter meeting at Stanford University.
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For meeting and membership details please contact Tom Etter, 112 Blackburn Avenue, Menlo Park, CA 94025, send email to tom_etter@msn.com.Please note underline: tom_etter@msn.com.