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Interactional Sociophonetics Laboratory

I direct the Interactional Sociophonetics Laboratory, a newly constructed space in the basement of Margaret Jacks Hall for conducting acoustic and articulatory investigations of sociophonetic phenomena. In addition to serving as the office for a postdoctoral researcher (currently Patrick Callier, and in the recent past, Anita Szakay), it has the following spaces:

The Living Room – a relatively large space staged as a living room (to encourage less guarded interaction), with the acoustical specifications of a sound-proof recording booth (to make high-quality recordings, facilitating acoustic analysis), and inconspicuous video cameras (to enable the study of gesture and embodiment)

The Observation Deck – where audio and video recordings made in the Living Room can be monitored and analyzed and wireless microphone receivers stored

The Art Studio – a room for conducting articulatory phonetic investigations, currently with an pneumotachograph (airflow and pressure) and electroglottograph

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