Research Interests

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I am interested in the social processes that make social facts possible. Similarly to Durkheim, I think that sociology is fundamentally a science about social facts.

In my research I have found that the social dynamics that generate a social fact requires cooperation and trust between actors with divergent interests. Studying the mechanisms that produce cooperation and trust has been the central focus of my research agenda.

In my work I have used a case-study approach in order to find the regularities underneath the noise and the idiosyncrasies of the given context. Only through a deep knowledge of the case and an intimate understanding of the data, patterns of behavior can be discerned, extracted and analyzed. The tools and the concepts of network analysis have helped me organize data into evidence that abstracts from the cases.

I see my approach to research close to the tradition of Analytical Sociology

My updated academic profile is here.


My paper on the strength of ties won the Best Paper award at SocInfo 2014

My book, The Rationalization of Miracles, is in paperback edition!