Research Interests

Political Sociology Historical Sociology Institutions Comput. Social Science


I am a network scholar interested in understanding the tension between change, a fundamental part of individual life, and stability, a fundamental aspect of the social structures individuals build with their interactions. In my work I have explored this tension with projects that are varied and innovative and that use both historical and contemporary cases. I see my approach to research close to the tradition of Analytical Sociology.

In recent years, I have also expanded my research to study interpersonal trust as a key mechanism for facilitating relationships. The dramatic change that technology is producing in our lives, comparable to the Industrial Revolution three centuries ago, sparked my interest in studying trust. In particular, I have studied the users of several sites that are part of the sharing economy.

My updated academic profile is here.


My paper on the strength of ties won the Best Paper award at SocInfo 2014

To find out more about my project with Airbnb click here

My book, The Rationalization of Miracles, is in paperback edition!