Paris Syminelakis


Paris Syminelakis (Siminelakis)
PhD Candidate
Department of Electrical Engineering
Stanford University
Email: psimin at stanford dot edu

General Information

I am a Ph.D. candidate at Stanford University having the pleasure of being advised by Moses Charikar. I hold a MSc in Statistics (Stanford University) and an Engineering Diploma in Electical and Computer Engineering (National Technical University of Athens) where I was advised by Dimitris Fotakis. My interests lie in Algorithms and Probability. I enjoy applying methods from Theoretical Computer Science to the analysis of large datasets and problems in Machine Learning.

I occasionaly also organize a reading group on Algorithms, Geometry and Learning.


  • 5-30-2019: I successfully defended my thesis!

  • 5-29-2019: Our paper Rehashing Kernel Evaluation in High Dimensions was selected for a 20-min talk at ICML’2019. Check out our GitHub repo to find our code and resources on HBE's.

  • 1-25-2019: In September 2019 I will be joining UC Berkeley as a Post-doctoral Research Fellow in the group of Jelani Nelson.

Selected Publications

  • M. Charikar, PS. Multi-resolution Hashing for Fast Pairwise Summations, FOCS, 2019.

  • PS., K. Rong, P. Bailis, M. Charikar, P. Levis Rehashing Kernel Evaluation in High Dimensions, ICML, 2019.

  • M. Charikar, PS. Hashing-based-Estimators for Kernel Density in High Dimensions, FOCS, 2017.

  • D. Achlioptas, PS. Symmetric Graph Properties Have Independent Edges, ICALP, 2015
    Special issue of Information and Computation, 2018.

  • D. Fotakis, PS. On the Efficiency of Influence-and-Exploit Strategies for Revenue Maximization under Positive Externalities, WINE, 2012, Theoretical Computer Science, 2014.

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Teaching Assistant

Academic Service


  • Journals: SIAM Journal on Computing, Random Structures & Algorithms, PNAS, Networks (Wiley)

  • Conferences: Symposium on Theory of Computing (STOC), Foundations of Computer Science (FOCS), Scandinavian Workshop in Algorithm Theory (SWAT), Europian Symposium on Algorithms (ESA).