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Ted Nicholas "Self Publishing Seminar" With special Guest Speaker Gary Halbert How would you like to earn a $1,000 a day, everyday? Picture yourself making more money in a day than most people do in a week. YOU CAN DO IT!_ Cash in on the most profitable field in the modern world. You don't have to invest huge sums of money to start out. No risky advertising campaigns are needed. Ted Nicholas started with one, $90 classified ad in the Wall Street Journal.... By the time he retired to Switzerland, he had sold over $250 Million Dollars worth of products and services! Does this kind of success excite you? Today we are truly living in the information age, wherein lie the biggest and most profitable opportunities! The kind of opportunities that will free you up from the 9 to 5 rat race. You can work from home. Work when you want to, spend more time with friends and family, do the things in life that really matter! It's really simple to make a fortune! How, by publishing and selling, Books, Videos , Audios_ and other information products. Here's just some of what you will discover: * How to Select The Products That are Right for You * How to Write Headlines That Make Sales Soar * 39 Hot Direct Marketing Success Rules by Ted Nicholas * 10 Million Dollar Sales Secrets * How to Create Ads That Bring in Millions in Sales * How to Uncover the Most Important Secrets of a Successful Sales Letter * How to Avoid the Ten Biggest Mistakes Marketers Make * How to Generate Energy -The Fuel of Success * Triple the Sales Power of Successful Ads * How to Prepare Order Cards That Triple Sales * The 3 Elements of Any Successful Ad or Sales Letter * Today's Best No-Cost/Low-Cost Marketing Strategies * How to Write a P.S. That Doubles Sales Nothing you will learn from these tape is based on theory! Ted Nicholas & Gary Halbert have lived every single technique. They have tested and proven every single tip they share with you. There ideas have succeeded in the market place for over 25 years and have sold over 250 million dollars worth of products & services via Direct Marketing! Find the shortcut to your dreams of success! In this 20 Hour Video Presentation you'll learn Ted's Jealously Guarded Self-Publishing and Direct Marketing Secrets! These tapes originally sold in Ted's Catalog for $477, and are just as valuable today as the ever were!_ Each of the twenty volumes are priceless, especially the presentations by guest speaker GARY HALBERT ! Some of the seminar attendees that PAID to be there included Bill and Karen Myers, Ted Thomas, Brad Antin, Pat McAllister and many other now famous direct marketers! You are bidding on 20 One Hour VHS Videotapes and 45 Page Seminar Workbook. Check out our other auctions of Books, Newsletter Collections and Audio and Video Tape sets!_ Please email us at_ directconceptsinc@msn.com to be notified of future sales and to receive a sale flyer of rare direct marketing, mail order and self-publishing materials from marketing Geniuses like: Gary Halbert, Bill Myers, Ted Nicholas, Joe Sugarman, Drew Kaplan, Joe Cossman, Howard Ruff, Jay Abraham, Joe Karbo, Charles Givens, Dave Del Dotto, Ted Thomas, Brad Richdale, Mike Enlow, Dan Kennedy, Dan Poynter, Dave Bancroft and many others. Terms of this auction: Read and Agree BEFORE BIDDING ! _ Payment is Credit Cards via Pay Pal, Bill Point, Money Order, Certified check _ or Personal Check._ Personal check will delay shipment 10 business days _ from receipt of your check ! _ Payment is due within 7 days in ANY PAYMENT OPTION unless prior arrangements _ have been made. _ U.S. Shipping and Handling will be a flat $10. Foreign Orders will pay actual shipping charges! We take great care and expense in handling and shipping these items. Items are professionally boxed and shipped by USPS Mail with Delivery Confirmation. All Videotapes are VHS-NTSC- The North American video standard and will not play in PAL machines.