Advising Ph.D. students:


Main advisor:


Michele Giorcelli

Santiago Perez

Isaac Opper


Roy Mill, Product Manager at (graduated in 2013)

Photo from Royís defense


Isabelle (Izi) Sin, Researcher in Motu Economic and Public Policy Research (graduated in 2011)

Photo from Iziís defense


Dissertation committee member:


Scott Baker

Nicola Bianchi


Shirlee Lichtman, Assistant Professor at Ben Gurion University (graduated in 2013)


William Gui Woolston, Consultant at the Boston Consulting Group (graduated in 2013)

Photo from Guiís defense


Luke Stein, Assistant Professor of Finance at Arizona State University (graduated in 2013)

Photo from Lukeís defense


George Bulman, Assistant Professor at UC Santa Cruz (expected graduation in 2013)


Arthur van Benthem, Assistant Professor of Business Economics and Public Policy (graduated in 2012)

Photo from Arthurís defense


Jennifer Doleac, Assistant Professor of Public Policy and Economics (graduated in 2012)

Photo from Jenís defense


Michael Bailey, Research Scientist at Facebook (graduated in 2012)

Photo from Mikeís defense


Rebecca Dizon-Ross, Prize Fellowship in Economics, History, and Politics at Harvard† (expected graduation 2013)


Nadeem Karmali, World Bank Young Professional (graduated in 2011)

Photo from Nadeemís defense


Marika Cabral, Assistant Professor in University of Texas Austin (graduated in 2011)

Photo from Marikaís defense


Christopher Paik, Assistant Professor of Politics; NYU Abu Dhabi (graduated in 2010)


Natalie Chun, Asian Development Bank (graduated in 2009)


Oren Rigbi, Assistant Professor of Economics at Ben Gurion University (graduated in 2009)


Itai Ater, Assistant Professor in Recanati School of Business at Tel Aviv University (graduated in 2008).


Assaf Eilat, Chief economist of Israel Antitrust Authority (graduated in 2008).


Stephan McBride, Analysis Group (graduated in 2008).


Jared Rubin, Assistant Professor at Chapman University (graduated in 2007)


Economics and economic history:

Stanford Econ department

Northwestern Econ department

Online Economic Journal: JSTOR

Economic† History† Association

Professional Associations in Economic History



Official Kibbutz website (Hebrew)

Official Kibbutz website (English)

Kibbutz Industry Association


Table tennis:

Stanford Table Tennis


USA Table Tennis Association

Table Tennis in Israel


Ph.D students

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