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Date News
Stanford logo January 2013 I have moved to California and started as a Visiting Assistant Professor at Stanford University.
ECCV 2012 logo October 2012 I have been awarded with an outstanding reviewer award for my efforts in the ECCV 2012 reviewing process.
ETHZ logo September 2012 I have successfully passed my PhD Defense at ETH Zurich!
ACCV 2012 logo September 2012 Our paper "Unknown Radial Distortion Centers in Multiple View Geometry Problems" has been accepted for ACCV 2012.
MPI Informatik logo Stanford logo September 2012 My application with the Max Planck Center for Visual Computing and Communication for a post-doctoral fellowship has been accepted. I will therefore soon move to California where I will spend two years at Stanford University.
CVPR 2012 logo July 2012 I have been awarded with an outstanding reviewer award for my efforts in the CVPR 2012 reviewing process.
ECCV 2012 logo June 2012 Our paper "A Unified View on Deformable Shape Factorizations" has been accepted for ECCV 2012.
Google Images logo May - September 2011 I took the chance to do an internship with Henrik Stewenius at Google. This was a great opportunity to learn more about computer science and engineering in general, and about a different field of computer vision more specifically.
ICCV 2011 logo July 2011 My ICCV submission The Generalized Trace Norm and Its Application to Structure From Motion Problems got accepted. If you are interested in convex relaxations with trace norms and its efficient optimization with a primal-dual proximal method, you might be interested in this paper.
TTIC logo July - August 2010 I spent two months in Chicago visiting Raquel Urtasun at Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago.
Google Research logo July 2010 Google announced their Google European Doctoral Fellowships. I'm happy to be one of the awardees! Therefore, starting from 2010, I can call myself a Google Fellow.
ECCV 2010 logo June 2010 My ECCV 2010 submission 5D Motion Subspaces for Planar Motions got accepted as an oral presentation! Heraklion, here I come :-)
Gene Golub Siam Summer School logo June 2010 I attended the Gene Golub SIAM Summer School 2010 on Numerical Linear Algebra in Brindisi (Italy). I had the opportunity to listen to some interesting lectures and to meet interesting people with a slightly different background, i.e. a math background.

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