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Reading Groups

Quarter Name Organizers Remarks
Spring 2013 2|3D Reading Group
  • Roland Angst
A reading group with a bias towards 3D computer vision.

Teaching Assistant

I was teaching assistant of the following lectures:

Semester Number Name Lecturers Remarks
Spring 2008 251-0581-00L Computational Photography & Video
Fall 2008 401-0131-00 Lineare Algebra
Spring 2009 252-0206-00 Visual Computing Course Homepage
Spring 2010 252-0832-00 Informatik I (D-MAVT) Prof. Peter Arbenz
Fall 2012 401-0131-00 Lineare Algebra for D-INFK
  • Dr. Vasile Gradinaru
  • Prof. Marc Pollefeys

  • Other Teaching Related Material

    Here is some teaching related material I have been asked to upload:

    Date Topic Description Links
    1. Dec. 2010 Linear algebra lecture about determinants I had to replace Prof. Marc Pollefeys in one lecture of his linear algebra course. The students have asked me to upload my slides and notes. So, here they are...

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