I am qualified to offer courses in the history of political thought covering canonical texts in ancient, modern, and contemporary political theory. In addition to broad training in political theory, I have studied and taught about the politics of international human rights, on which I will be offering a course in the winter semester of this year. I am a motivated and experienced teacher of political theory and politics more generally - I love to teach, and have sought out a wide range of teaching experiences over the past several years. I have developed and taught classes at many different levels, from lower division courses focused on developing freshman writing skills at UC Santa Cruz to upper division seminars on specialized topics in political theory at Stanford.


Adjunct Professor

PHL 211: "Contemporary Ethics", Hult International Business School, Winter 2015
CLNI 80: "Global Issues", University of California Santa Cruz, Fall 2014
POLISCI 238: "Political Disagreement", Stanford University, Spring 2013

Invited Lecture

Rousseau's Social Contract at San Jose State University for POLS 160b: "Modern Political Thought", Spring 2014 (Prof. Lawrence Quill)

Teaching Assistant

"Collective Action: Ethics and Policy", Stanford University, Winter 2013 (Inst. Mark Budolfson)
"The Ethics and Politics of Public Service", Stanford University, Winter 2009 (Prof. Rob Reich)
"Justice", Stanford University, Fall 2008, 2009 (Prof. Joshua Cohen), Fall 2012 (Prof. Kristi Olson)
"Theories of Global Justice", Spring 2009 (Inst. Avia Pasternak)
"Politics of International Human Rights", Winter 2009 (Prof. Terry Karl)


Preparing Future Professors Program, Stanford/San Jose State, Winter 2014