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Robert Chen

Welcome to my webpage at Stanford! I'm glad that you, like the critter below, have some interest in me (or my food!).


Photo taken at Grand Canyon National Park, 2008

Past Stanford EE Qualification Exam Questions (through 2008, Requires WebAuth)

I recently completed a Ph.D. Electrical Engineering at Stanford University in California. My previous research interests included bandgap engineering for use with Silicon photonics, optoelectronic devices, and interesting material systems. Here, you can find plenty of information on my other interests, my education, my research, and how to get in touch with me.



August 9, 2014:    Site moved to snow

June 19, 2009:    Changed Page Format (no more Javascript)

May 10, 2009:    Uploaded a Quals Guide.

April 28, 2009:    Added a link to old EE Quals questions. Get studying!!

January 21, 2009:    I passed the EE qualification exam!

September 24, 2008:    Photo Gallery up! YESSS!!!

September 23, 2008:    Website is up and running!! Woo hoo!!