Stanford University

Department of Economics

Econ 234 Winter 2015

Prof. Robert E. Hall




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Slides for Lecture 2


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Alp Simsek Slides


Sebastian di Tella Readings:

     Main Reading:      “Optimal Financial Regulation and the Concentration of Aggregate Risk”

     Further Readings: “Uncertainty Shocks and Balance Sheet Recessions”

                                    “A Macroeconomic Model with a Financial Sector” by Markus Brunnermeier

                                    “A Model of Capital and Crises” by Zhiguo He and Arvind Krishnamurthy

                                    Sebastian di Tella Slides


Chris Tonetti Readings:

     Main Readings:     “Equilibrium Imitation and Growth” (JPE 2014)

                                     “Equilibrium Technology Diffusion, Trade, and Growth”

     Further Readings:  “The Growth Dynamics of Innovation, Diffusion, and the Technology Frontier”

                                      Catch-up and Fall-back through Innovation and Imitation” (JoEG 2014)

                                      Chris Tonetti Slides Feb 2