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    Date of Birth:   September 16, 1949
    Place of Birth:Georgetown, Guyana
    Citizenship:United States citizen
    Marital Status:Married to Angela, with four children

    1. Colleges and Universities Attended
    University of California, Santa Cruz [UCSC], 1968-71
    University of Pennsylvania , 1971-79

    2. Degrees
    1971  BA, Sociolinguistics, University of California, Santa Cruz
    Highest Honors (academic); Stevenson College Honors
    1973MA, Linguistics, University of Pennsylvania
    1979PhD, Linguistics, University of Pennsylvania

    3. Scholarships and Academic Honors
    1960  Guyana Government Scholarship for secondary education
    1965Queen's College prize for best results at London University
    General Certificate of Education (GCE) Ordinary Level exams
    1967Wishart Memorial Prize for distinction in English at
    London University GCE Advanced Level exams
    1968Fulbright/IIE Grant for undergraduate study in US
    1970First Prize, Stevenson College oratory competition, UCSC
    1984Dean's Award for Distinguished Teaching, Stanford
    1992Bing Fellowship for Excellence in Teaching, Stanford
    1998Martin Luther King Centennial Professorship, Stanford
    2000American Book Award (for Spoken Soul), Before Columbus Foundation
    2001Elected Chair of the Stanford University Faculty Senate for 2001-02
    2002Anthropology and the Media Award (American Anthropology Association)
    2002Linguistics, Language and the Public Award (Linguistic Society of America)
    2003Collitz Professorship, Linguistic Society of America Institute, Michigan State
    2004Wordsworth McAndrew Award for outstanding contributions to Guyana's cultural life
    2004Pritzer University Fellow in Undergraduate Education, Stanford

    4. Fellowships for academic study and/or teaching (See El for Research Grants)
    1971  Danforth Graduate Fellowship
    1973Linguistic Society of America Institute Fellowship
    1974National Science Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Grant
    1989Fellowship, Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, Stanford
    1997Ellen Andrews Wright Fellowship, Stanford Humanities Center
    (for study/writing there while on sabbatical in 1997-1998)
    1997Fulbright Fellowship (for teaching and research in Jamaica in Fall 1998; declined)
    2002Visiting Erskine Fellowship (teaching), University of Canterbury, New Zealand
    2005Fulbright Fellowship (for teaching and research at UWI, Mona Jamaica in Spr 2006)

    5. Other Study
    1970  Sociolinguistics Institute, Stanford, summer
    1971California Linguistics Institute, UCSC, summer
    1973Linguistic Society of America Linguistic Institute, University of Michigan, summer
    1979University Teaching Methods course, taught at U of Guyana by visiting
    University of London Teaching Methods unit staff, summer
    1991Linguistic Society of America Linguistic Institute, UC Santa Cruz, summer
    2003Linguistic Society of American Linguistic Institute, Michigan State U, summer


    1. Professional Experience

    a. United States
    1977        Visiting Assistant Professor, Anthropology, Johns Hopkins University, Fall
    1980-81Visiting Assistant Professor, Linguistics, Stanford
    1981-86Assistant Professor, Linguistics, Stanford
    1986-90Associate Professor, with tenure, Linguistics, Stanford
    1987Instructor, LSA Linguistics Institute, Stanford, summer
    1988-90Associate Professor, by courtesy, Education, Stanford
    1990-Professor, with tenure, Linguistics, Stanford
    1990-Professor, by courtesy, Education, Stanford
    1990Director, Stanford Overseas Studies Summer Focus Program, Oxford
    1993Instructor, LSA Linguistics Institute, Ohio State University, summer
    1996Vice-Chair, Department of Linguistics, Stanford
    1998-Director, Program in African and African American Studies, Stanford, and holder of the Martin Luther King, Jr., Centennial Chair
    1999-Taught in Sophomore College, Stanford ("Spoken Soul in American Comedy"), summer.
    2001Taught in Sophomore College, Stanford ("Ebonics and other Vernaculars in Schools and Society" course), summer.
    2003Linguistic Society of America Linguistic Institute, Michigan State U, summer (held Herman and Clara Collitz Professorship in historical linguistics, taught one course, and delivered plenary Forum lecture)
    2004Taught in Sophomore College, Stanford ("Language in the USA" course), summer.

    b. Overseas (Guyana, West Indies, New Zealand)
    1974-80Lecturer, Linguistics, University of Guyana
    1979-80Assistant Dean, Faculty of Arts, University of Guyana
    1980        Promoted to Reader, Linguistics (intermediate between Associate and Full Professor), with tenure, University of Guyana
    1982-External Examiner, Linguistics courses, MA and PhD theses, University of the West Indies (Mona, Cave Hill and St. Augustine campuses), University of Guyana
    2002Erskine Professor, Department of Linguistics, University of Canterbury, New Zealand (Taught two courses and delivered two university/dept lectures, Jul-Aug)
    2005Director, External Quality Assurance Review of the Department of Linguistics, University of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica. October.


    2. Santa Cruz, California, 1968-71
    Teaching volunteer, tutorial program; President, Black Students' Association; Member, Drama Society: acted in The Tempest, Julius Caesar, and An Evening of Leonard Cohen, and directed An Evening of Black Poetry and Song, and People Get Ready evening (latter while participating in a quarter-long extra mural community service program on Daufuskie Island, South Carolina, which included work as a tutor in the elementary school, and other community responsibilities).

    3. Georgetown, Guyana, 1974-80
    Chairman, University Press subcommittee, Faculty of Arts Grading Subcommittee; Faculty of Arts representative, Academic Board and Research and Publications committee; member, Subcommittee on Status of Women on Campus, Board for Graduate Studies, Task Force on Priorities in University Offerings. Member, Toastmasters Club, Georgetown, St. George's Cathedral Vestry. Executive committee member, Society for Caribbean Linguistics.

    4. Palo Alto and East Palo Alto, 1980-present (See E7 for Stanford Service)
    Educational Vice-President, Toastmasters Early Risers Club, Palo Alto; Cub scout leader, Juana Briones school; Soccer Coach, American Youth Soccer Organization; designer/director (w. Christine Theberge) of lecture program on "Rapping, Reading, and Writing" for Costaño School 6th graders (Mrs. Morrison's 5th grade), East Palo Alto; guest lecturer, Gunn High School; classroom volunteer (Mrs. Bader's 6th grade), Costaño School, East Palo Alto.


    1. Research/training Grants and Awards
    1974  Research and Publications Grant, University of Guyana
    1981Spencer Seed Grant, School of Education, Stanford
    1982Grant, Center for Research on International Studies, Stanford
    1984Summer support, Center for Research on Language and Information, Stanford
    1984Rockefeller Humanities Fellowship (for research on adequacy of pidgins and creoles)
    1985Grant for summer research, Pew Foundation, Stanford
    1986Center for Urban Studies Fellowship (for research on divergence of black and white vernaculars in East Palo Alto)
    1988Grant from Irvine Foundation for mentorship and research with four black Stanford students (two undergraduate, two graduate), as part of an effort to attract more minority students into graduate school and high-school/college teaching
    1989National Science Foundation Grant, Sep 89-Aug 91 (for research on copula contraction and absence in Vernacular Black English, mesolectal Creole English and other varieties)
    1990Fellowship from Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, Stanford, for research at the Center, Sep 1990-Aug l991
    1995National Science Foundation Grant, to organize international workshop at Stanford on Stylistic Variation in Feb 1996 (with Penny Eckert), and produce edited proceedings
    1997Ellen Andrews Wright Fellowship, Stanford Humanities Center
    1999Seed money from the Stanford President's fund, to lead African and African American Studies Learning Expeditions (30-50 students, staff and faculty) to the South Carolina and Georgia Sea Islands (1999), Jamaica (2000), and Ghana (2001), over Spring Break.
    2002Grant from the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, Stanford to involve undergraduates in ongoing individualized reading project in East Palo Alto
    2003Award from Associate Dean, Humanities and Sciences, to lead an African and African American Studies Learning Expedition (30+ students, staff and faculty) to Belize over Spring Break.
    2003Grant from the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, Stanford (via Linguistics), to involve undergraduates in research on plural marking in Caribbean English creoles
    2004Grants from the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, Stanford to involve undergraduates in two separate research projects: 1. An annotated bibliography of African American English and other vernaculars in Education (via Linguistics) and 2. An Oral History of East Palo Alto (via African and African American Studies)
    2004Stanford Humanities Lab grant for research on ongoing change in intensive and quotative "all" in California, involving a team of Linguistics faculty members and graduate students, and undergraduates from Linguistics and other departments.

    2. Invited Lectures
    1970   "Language Problems in Guyana." Sociolinguistics Colloquium, Stanford
    1973"Black English and Creole Studies: Where Now?" Washington DC Linguistics Society panel presentation and discussion
    1974"The Insights of the Mesolect." Anthropology Colloquium, The Johns Hopkins University
    1977"Linguistic and Cultural Similarities between the Sea Islands and Guyana." Howard University, Washington, DC
    1979"Language Variation and Change in a Creole Continuum." Linguistics Colloquium, University of California, Los Angeles
    1980-Invited presentations on "Black English," "Creoles," "Language Attitudes," and "Sociolinguistic Variation" in classes of colleagues in Linguistics, English, and Psychology
    1981"Creoles, Linguistic Variation, and Language Change." University of Southern California
    1981"Decreolization and Language Change." Gallaudet College
    1981"Some Recent Language Policy Related Developments and Issues in the English-Speaking Caribbean." Center for Applied Linguistics, Stocktaking Meeting on Language and Educational, Occupational or Social Issues in Different Parts of the World
    1981"Social Differentiation and Linguistic Variation." Kroeber Anthropological Society and Berkeley Linguistics Club meeting
    1982"Plumbing Sociolinguistic Competence." UC Berkeley
    1982"Variable Rules." U of Southern California
    1984"In Defense of the Creole Continuum." Plenary session address, NWAV XIII (New Ways of Analyzing Variation in Language XIII) U of Pennsylvania
    1984"Me Tarzan, You Jane! Cognition, Expressiveness, and the Adequacy of Pidgins and Creoles." Washington DC Linguistics Club
    1985"Concord and Conflict in the Characterization of the Speech Community." Anthropology Colloquium, Duke University
    1985"Where the Roots Still Show: The Sea Islands as a Cultural Resource." U of Nevada, Reno
    1985"The Divergence of Black and White Vernaculars." Panel presentation and discussion, NWAV-XIV, Georgetown U
    1986"Early Nineteenth Century Guyanese Creole: Three Views." Creole Workshop, Linguistic Society of America
    1986Institute, City University of New York
    1986"Black English (Creole and Ex-Creole) in the New World." Talk to Black faculty, Afro-American Studies, Stanford
    1986Keynote address, Annual Convention of the Anglistentag (German Departments of English), Kiel, W. Germany
    1987"Language Contact, Variation, and Change." Georgetown U Round Table Meeting on Language Spread and Language Policy
    1987"Making the Most of a Stanford Education: Research." Talk to Freshmen, Orientation Activities, Stanford
    1987"The Evolution of Creole Languages." (Panel Presentation, NWAV-XVI, The University of Texas at Austin.)
    1988"The Creole Continuum." California State U, Fullerton
    1988"Variability in the VBE Copula: New Light on Old Issues." Washington Linguistics Club, Washington, DC
    1988"Making the Most of a Stanford Education: Research." Talk to Freshmen, New Student Orientation, Stanford. (Repeated 1989.)
    1989"Variation in the Copula in Vernacular Black English." U. of California, Santa Cruz. (With A. Ball, R. Jackson, N. Martin)
    1990Macalester College Convocation Address, St Paul, Minnesota 1990 "African American Language and Culture: Roots and Branches." Hamilton College, New York
    1991"Language in Humanity." University of the West Indies, Cave Hill, Barbados.
    1991"Addressee and Topic Influenced Style Shift in Language." (With Faye McNair-Knox.) Opening session presentation, NWAV-XX, Georgetown University, Washington, DC.
    1991"Variation in the Jamaican Creole Copula: New Data and Analysis." Presented at the Bailey Symposium, American Anthropological Association meeting, Chicago.
    1992"English Transplanted, English Transformed." Association of Commonwealth Language and Literature, University of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica, August.
    1992"Creolization in Black Language and Culture." Anthropology 1 guest lecture, Stanford.
    1993"Methodology in Pidgin-Creole Studies." (Contribution to Panel on this topic.) Society for Pidgin Creole Linguistics meeting, Los Angeles, January.
    1993"Concord and Conflict in the Speech Community." Invited lecture, Dean's Symposium on Competition and Cooperation in the Context of the Social Sciences, University of Chicago, April.
    1993"Linguistic and Cultural Diversity as Opportunity and Resource." Paper presented at symposium on "Immigration in Europe," Stanford Study Center, Berlin, June.
    1993"Addressee- and Topic- Influenced Style Shift in Language." (With Faye McNair-Knox.) Presentation in Language and Human Affairs Lecture series, 1993 Linguistic Institute, Ohio State University, Columbus, July.
    1994"Fieldwork Issues in my East Palo Alto and Sea Island Research." Anthro 84 class, Stanford ("From Research to Performance, " taught by Paulla Ebron), April.
    1994"Creolization in African American Language and Culture." Anthro CIV track taught by George Collier, Winter.
    1994"Sociolinguistic Theory and Application in the African American Speech Community." Lecture at New York University, November (in "Language in the City" series).
    1995"Linking Public Service and Learning in a University Context." Lecture to faculty/staff group at invitation of Provost. California State University, Monterey Bay. February.
    1995"Basic and Applied Linguistic Research within the African American Speech Community." Keynote Address, Conference on African American English, University of Massachusetts at Amherst, March.
    1995"Sociolinguistic Perspectives on African American English." Workshop presentation, American Speech and Hearing Association, Orlando, Florida, December.
    1996"The Systematicity (and Beauty) of the Vernacular." Presentation at the American Association for the Advancement of Science meeting, Language Standards and Linguistics session, Baltimore, Maryland, February.
    1996"Quality Integration of Service in the Curriculum: Experiences as Student and Professor." Edward C. Moore Symposium, Indiana University and Purdue University Indianapolis, March, and Stanford Summer Institute on Service Learning, June.
    1996Keynote address, Linguistics and Language Development Graduation Ceremony, San Jose State University, May.
    1996"American English: Changing Even as we Speak." Stanford Alumni Reunion lecture, October.
    1996"Discussion Leading and Small Group Methods." Center for Teaching and Learning seminar, in Award-Winning Teachers on Teaching series, Stanford, November.
    1997Numerous talks on Ebonics, in response to public interest and controversy following the Oakland School Board's Dec 1996 decision to recognize the vernacular of their African American students and use it in the teaching of Standard English. My talks focused, among other things, on the structure and history of Ebonics or African American Vernacular English [AAVE], and its potential for improving the success of inner city African American students in reading, writing and the language arts, as demonstrated in studies of contrastive analysis and dialect readers in the United States and Europe. Talks were given, sometimes as part of panels or symposia, at Stanford University (several sites), the University of California at Berkeley, Medgar Evers College, the University of Michigan, Michigan State University, California State University at Long Beach, San Francisco State University, The Standard English Proficiency conference of the California State Department of Education, the Oakland Alliance of Black Educators, First Presbyterian Church (Palo Alto), UC Santa Cruz Alumni Association, XEROX PARC, Woodside Village Church, Rotary Club, and the National Black Association of Speech, Language and Hearing Practitioners. I also gave a talk on "Ebonics Humor"at the Stanford Humanities Center in December.

    I was also interviewed about Ebonics by reporters/broadcasters from a variety of local and national news media, including ABC, CBS, Nickelodeon News, the News Hour with Jim Lehrer, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Chicago Tribune, the Chronicle of Higher Education, the Los Angeles Times, Education Newsday, WOR, KALW, KKUP, The Education Forum (Public Access TV, Palo Alto), Charleston Post and Courier, the Stanford Daily, Education Daily, Education Week, the Christian Science Monitor, USA Today, Newsweek, KQED ("Talk of the Nation," "Forum" and "To the Best of our Knowledge" shows), US News and World Report, the Detroit News, Psychiatric times, San Francisco Chronicle, San Jose Mercury News, Oakland Tribune, Toronto Star.

    I also drafted the resolutions of the Linguistic Society of America on Ebonics, which were approved, with minor revisions, at their January 1997 annual meeting in Chicago.
    1998"Language Diversity and Academic Achievement in the Education of African American Students: An Overview of the Issues." Invited opening address at the Conference on Language Diversity and Academic Achievement in the Education of African American Students," organized by the Center for Applied Linguistics and Howard University, held after the Linguistic Society of America's annual meeting, New York, Jan 11-12.
    1998"Teaching Reading to Ebonics Speakers." Lecture/Workshop at the "Ebonics/African American Language and Literacy Conference: The Real Deal," University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Jan. 31.
    1998"Issues in the Evolution of African American English." Invited paper in the session, "Divergence in Linguistic Evolution: Ebonics and other 20th Century Developments." American Association for the Advancement of Science annual meeting, Philadelphia, Feb.12-17.
    1998"African American Language and Culture: Roots and Branches." Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC) Black History Month program, Feb 18.
    1998"African American Language and Culture: Roots and Branches." John Baugh's Linguistics 73 class, Stanford, Feb 24.
    1998"Languages in Transition: Language Change and Language Preservation." California State University, Dominguez Hills, Curriculum Development Symposium, Feb 27.
    1998Seminar/Workshop on "The Ebonics Controversy" at the annual meeting of the California Speech-Language-Hearing Association, San Jose, California, March 28.
    1998"The Role of Ebonics in Language Arts Instruction for African American Students." Workshop, 7th Annual Professional Development Conference, Language Development Program for African American Students, Los Angeles Unified School District, May 2.
    1998Stanford talks to Haas Center for Public Service, prospective (admitted) ethnic minority graduate students, AAAS 105 class, EDGE (Enginieering students) and Africa Forum, on various topics, including "Ebonics and Education," "Why Stanford?" and "Africanisms in Gullah Language and Culture." May, June.
    1998"Why Graduate School?. Some Thoughts and Recommendations." Invited talk at BGSA symposium on "Imagining Graduate School" for Stanford undergraduates, May 9.
    1998Invited lecture on "Where the roots still show: Africanisms in African American Language and Culture." Symposium on "Issues in the African Diaspora: Connectiona and Continuity in the Americas" University of San Francisco, June 19.
    1999"A challenge for applied linguistics: The challenges confronting Ebonics speakers in schools and society." Plenary session address to the Annual meeting of the American Association for Applied Linguistics, Stamford, Connecticut, March.
    1999Keynote address, colloquium on "Language and African Diaspora Culture," The City College of New York.
    1999Lectures on "Ebonics humor" to the Linguistics Departments, University of California at San Diego, and University of California at Davis, May and June.
    2000Plenary speaker ("Education and the Ebonics Firestorm") at Georgetown University Round Table Meeting on Languages and Linguistics, focus on Linguistics and the Professions, March.
    2000Keynote address, Conference on Lorenzo Dow Turner and Africanisms on the Sea Islands, Howard University, October
    2000"Vernacular English in August Wilson's Fences." Lecture to honors English class at Henry Gunn Senior High School, Palo Alto, California, December.
    2000"The Ebonics controversy revisited." Invited presentation, Research Institute for the Comparative Study of Race and Ethnicity, Stanford, December.
    2001Invited lectures on "Language and Ethnicity," "Language and Culture" and other topics to Stanford classes in African and African American Studies, Cultural and Social Anthropology, and History.
    2001"Language mastery, cultural affirmation, and the success of African American and other students." Invited presentation at the Los Angeles Unified School District Conference on Developing a Culturally Relevant Education Program that Benefits African American and All Other Students, held at the University of Southern California, October.
    2002Panel presentations on "The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language" and on "African American Vernacular English and Education" for Continuing Studies, Stanford University, January and February.
    2002"Working with Vernacular English Speakers in Schools: A Sociolinguist's Perspectives, informed by Controversies involving Ebonics in the US and English-Based Creoles in the Caribbean." Invited presentations at the Auckland University of Technology and the University of Victoria at Wellington, New Zealand, July, August
    2002"African American Language and Culture: African and Creole Roots." Invited presentation at English and Ethnicity conference, University of Alabama, October
    2002"Ebonics: Don't believe the hype." Stanford Fall Visitation program, October.
    2002"Contrastive Analysis revised: Extending students' linguistic versatility through literature and song (the "versatility" approach). Paper presented (with Angela E. Rickford) at the Thirty-first annual meeting on New Ways of Analyzing Variation in Language, Stanford. October.
    2003Presentation on Ebonics and Education at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, February.
    2003"Waapm? What happened? The creolist/anglicist quest for the roots and branches of AAVE." Collitz lecture, Linguistic Society of America Summer Institute, Michigan State University.
    2003Gave lecture on the linguistic and cultural significance of the South Carolina and Georgia Sea Islands, and then conducted all-day workshops on the features, history, and educational implications of African American Vernacular English, University of Puerto Rico, September.
    2003Talk/workshop on "Discussion-leading and small group methods." Linguistics Dept. Teaching Assistant training seminar, October.
    2004Keynote talk, Gunn High School, Black History Month celebration, February.
    2004Four lectures, on history/linguistic significance of Sea Islands, the Gullah language, my work with author Patrick Conroy and students on Daufuskie Island, South Carolina, and Gullah folklore, during the ten-day Intracoastal Waterway College (Florida, Georgia, South Carolina), a Stanford Alumni Association Travel/Study program.
    2004Panel presentation on the 1979 Ann Arbor Martin Luther King, Jr., decision (regarding AAVE and Education), revisited. Conference on New Ways of Analyzing Variation in Language, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, October.
    2004Invited lectures on "Quantitative and qualitative barriers to a consensus on AAVE creole origins" and "Strategies for taking AAVE into account in the schools." New York University, Department of Linguistics. December.
    2005Ebonics and Education: Building on the African American vernacular (vs. ignoring it, laughing at it or trying to legislate it away) to help students succeed in schools. Invited address at University of Texas, San Antonio. April.
    2005Against consensus: Challenging the New Anglicists' contentions concerning the development of AAVE. Keynote address at the Symposium on Language and Culture, University of Texas, Austin. April.
    2005African American Vernacular English (aka Ebonics) and the Black/White Achievement Gap in Schools. Keynote speech at the Mary Lou Fulton Endowed Symposium, Arizona State University, Tempe. November.

    3. Other Research Presentations (Sample)
    1975  "Problems in the Study of Pronominal Variation in a Creole Continuum." NWAV-IV, Georgetown University, Washington, DC
    1980"Language Attitudes in a Creole Continuum." Linguistic Society of America Annual Meeting, San Antonio, Texas
    1981"Modeling Decreolization: Language, Individual and Community Viewpoints." NWAV-11, U. of Pennsylvania
    1984"The Diachronic and Sociolinguistic Significance of Some Early Creole Texts." Fifth Annual Meeting, Society for Caribbean Linguistics, Mona, Jamaica
    1985"The Need for New Approaches to Social Class Analysis in Sociolinguistics." Linguistic Society of America Annual Meeting, Seattle
    1986"Anteriority and the Historical Present in Narrative." NWAV-XV, Stanford University
    1986"Nineteenth Century Guyanese Creole: Three Views." Creole Workshop, LSA Linguistic Institute, City U of New York
    1987"Conjugated and Invariant be VBE: A West Coast Perspective." (With F. McNair-Knox, NWAV-XVI, U of Texas at Austin.)
    1988"Rappin on the Copula Coffin: Theoretical and Methodological Issues in the Variable Analysis of Conjugated and Deleted BE in VBE." (With A. Ball, R. Blake, R. Jackson and N. Martin, NWAV-XVII, U of Montreal)
    1989"Grammatical Variation and Change in Vernacular Black English." Workshop on Internal and External Factors in Syntactic Change, Ninth International Conference on Historical Linguistics, Rutgers, New Jersey.
    1989"Continuity and Innovation in the Development of BEV be 2." NWAV-XVIII, Duke University, Durham, N. Carolina.
    1989"Preterite had in the BEV of Elementary School Children." (With C. Theberge.) NWAV-XVIII, Duke University, Durham, N. Carolina.
    1990"Copula Contraction and Absence in Barbadian English." (With R. Blake, Berkeley Linguistics Society Meeting, UC Berkeley)
    1990"Variability in the Jamaican Creole Copula: A Reanalysis." NWAV-XIX, U of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.
    1991"How People are Talking and Why: Internal and External Constraints on Linguistic Variation." Seminar presentation, Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, Stanford.
    1992"The Creole Residue in Barbados." Presented at the combined annual meetings of the Linguistic Society of America and the Society for Pidgin and Creole Linguistics, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, January.
    1992"Addressee and Topic Influenced Style Shift in Language." Bay Area Sociolinguistics Association, University of California, Berkeley, February.
    1992"Textual Evidence on the Nature of Early Barbadian English, 1676-1870." (With Jerome S. Handler.) Ninth Biennial Meeting, Society for Caribbean Linguistics, University of the West Indies, Cave Hill, Barbados, August.
    1992"Bridging the Gap, as far as Sociolinguistics and Syntax Ø" (With Thomas A. Wasow, Norma Mendoza-Denton and Julie Espinoza.) NWAV-XXI, Ann Arbor.
    1992"As far as Variation and Change in "AS FAR AS" Constructions are Concerned." (With Thomas A. Wasow, Norma Mendoza-Denton and Julie Espinoza.) Linguistics Colloquium, University of California, Berkeley, November.
    1993"Negative Inversion in African American Vernacular English." (With Peter Sells and Thomas A. Wasow.) Linguistic Society of America Annual Meeting, Los Angeles, January.
    1994"Copula Absence and the Question of Prior Creolization in AAVE." Poster presentation at NWAV-XXIII, Stanford.
    1994"An Optimality Theoretic Approach to Variation in Negative Inversion in AAVE." (With Peter Sells and Tom Wasow.) NWAV-III, Stanford.
    1995"AAVE and the Creole Hypothesis: Reflections on the State of the Issue." Linguistics Colloquium presentation, the Ohio State University, Columbus, October.
    1996"Creolization? Sociohistorical and Textual Evidence." Twenty-fifth annual meeting on New Ways of Analyzing Variation (NWAV-XV), Las Vegas.
    1997"Unequal partnership: Sociolinguistics and the African American Speech Community." At "Service in Return" colloquium, Linguistic Society of America meeting, Chicago.
    1997"The relationship between linguistics and the public debates of our time: Lessons from the Ebonics controversy." Symposium paper at NWAV-XVI, Quebec City, Canada.
    1999"Ebonics and the African American diaspora." Talk at San Jose State University symposium, February.
    2000Prosodic conditioning of the copula. Paper presented (with Julie Sweetland and Joy Hsu) at the New Ways of Analyzing Variation [NWAV] conference, Michigan State U.
    2002Creole/AAVE copula patterning as evidence of second language learning effects? Paper presented (with Devyani Sharma) at the Society for Pidgin Creole Linguistics meeting, in conjunction with the Linguistics Society of America, San Francisco, January.
    2003Presentations in panels on "The University Minorities Reading Project" and "African American Language, Literacy and Liberation: The Educational Implications of Sociolinguistic Research." American Educational Research Association (AERA) meeting, Chicago, April.
    2003Panel presentation on African American Vernacular English and Education, National Reading Conference (NRC), Scottsdale, Arizone, December.
    2004"Early African American English and Pidgin/Creole Englishes: Evidence from plural marking." Pape presented at the Language Variety in the South (LAVIS III) conference, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, April.
    2004"Plural marking variability in 'Early' African American English & Caribbean & W.African pidgin/creole Englishes, with implications for the creole origins debate." Paper for the joint meeting of the Society for Caribbean Linguistics (SCL) and the Society for Pidgin Creole Linguistics (SPCL), Curaçao, West Indies, August.
    2005"Intensive and Quotative ALL: Something Old, Something New." Presentation (as founder/member of the "Stanford All Project"), New Ways of Analyzing Variation conference [NWAV 34], New York University, October.
    2005"Against consensus: Challenging the contentions of the New Anglicists and divergencists concerning the development of AAVE." New Ways of Analyzing Variation conference [NWAV 34], New York University, October.

    4. Editorial and Refereeing Duties for Journals, Grant Agencies
    1974-Referee for Language, Language in Society, Studies in Second Language Acquisition, National Science Foundation
    1982-Editorial Board, Camden House
    1982-86Editor, The Carrier Pidgin newsletter
    1983-Editorial Board, Foris Publications (Topics in Socio-linguistics series)
    1986-Associate Editor, The Carrier Pidgin Newsletter
    1986-Editorial Board, American Speech
    1986-96Editorial Board, Journal of Pidgin and Creole Languages
    1986-89Member, National Science Foundation Linguistics Panel, reviewing sociolinguistics and other grant proposals
    1987-Board of Consulting Editors, Multilingua
    1987-Editorial Board, Papers in Pragmatics
    1987Guest Editor, issue #71, International Journal of the Sociology of Language ("Sociolinguistics and Pidgin-Creole Studies")
    1992         Member, Committee of Visitors, Division of Behavioral and Cognitive Sciences, National Science Foundation (June)
    1992-98Editorial Board, Language in Society
    1995-Editorial Board, Journal of English Linguistics
    1995-Editorial Board, Journal of Linguistic Anthropology
    1995-Editorial Board, Journal of Sociolinguistics
    1998-Editorial Board, Links and Letters
    1999-Editorial Board, 21st Century Perspectives on Language, Ethnicity, and Education Series, Kluwer Academic Publishers
    2001-Editorial Board, Language, Identity and Education

    5. Memberships in Professional Societies
    Co-founder and Chair (with Susan Ervin-Tripp), Bay Area Sociolinguistics Association. Member: American Anthropological Association, American Dialect Society, International Sociolinguistics Association, Linguistic Society of America, Society for Caribbean Linguistics, Society for Linguistic Anthropology, Society for Pidgin and Creole Linguistics. Executive Committee Member, Linguistic Society of America [LSA], and member, LSA's Committee on Ethnic Diversity in Linguistics. Vice-President, President and Immediate Past President, Society for Pidgin and Creole Linguistics.

    6. Conference Organization and Program Directorships

    1975Coordinator, Festival of Guyanese Words Colloquium, U Guyana
    1986Coordinator, Fifteenth Annual Conference on New Ways of Analyzing Variation in Language (NWAV-XV), Stanford; and coeditor, with K. Denning, S. Inkelas, and F. McNair-Knox, of proceedings (Variation in Language. Stanford, 1987).
    1987Co-organizer, with P. Eckert and C. A. Ferguson, Conference on "The Social Context of Language Change," Linguistic Society of America Institute, Stanford
    1987Director, Undergraduate Summer Humanities Research program (eight-week residential lecture and data-analysis program involving ten undergraduates)
    1989Co-organizer, student conference in Linguistics 73 "Black English" course; and co-editor, with B. McElhinny and A. Ball, of proceedings (The B. E. Happenin' 1989. Stanford.)
    1989Faculty Advisor, Stanford Upward Bound program (academic enrichment program for low income minority high school students)
    1990Director, Stanford Overseas Studies Oxford Summer Focus Program, "Britain in the Third World; The Third World in Britain"
    1990-Co-Organizer (with Susan Ervin-Tripp and Thomas Veatch) of meetings of the Bay Area Sociolinguistics Association, alternating between Berkeley and Stanford
    1993Co-Organizer (with CTL and Bing Fellowship funds) of Stanford faculty/TA workshop series on university teaching featuring Dr. Donald Bligh and Dr Roy Cox (of the UK).
    1994Co-Organizer (with CTL and Bing Fellowship funds) of Stanford faculty/TA workshop series on university teaching featuring Dr. David Warren Piper (from Australia).
    1994Co-Organizer (with Penelope Eckert and others) of NWAV-XXIII (New Ways of Analyzing Variation in Language XXIII), Stanford, October.
    1997Organizer, "Service in Return" colloquium, annual meeting of the Linguistics Society of America, Chicago, January.
    2002Co-Organizer (with Penelope Eckert and others) of NWAV-XXXI (New Ways of Analyzing Variation in Language XXXI), Stanford, October
    2004Co-Organizer (with Vera Grant and Sarita Ocon) of national Workshop on Black Studies Curriculum and Pedagogy, Stanford, December.

    7. Stanford Service

    a. University level
    1981-92Committee on Black Performing Arts
    1981-84Freshman Advisor
    1983-84Search Committee, Assistant Dean, Memorial Church
    1987-88Committee on Undergraduate Residential Affairs
    1987-88Committee on Improvement and Evaluation of Teaching
    1987-88Search Committee, Dean, Humanities and Sciences
    1988-89Bi-weekly interdisciplinary faculty seminar on poverty
    1988-90Faculty Steering Committee, Haas Center for Public Service
    1988-90Committee on Curriculum and Teacher Education
    1988-91Resident Fellow, Arroyo House, Wilbur Hall
    1988-Advisory Board, Center for Teaching and Learning
    1989-91Faculty Sponsor and PI, Upward Bound Program
    1989-90Chair, Search Committee, Director, African and Afro-American Studies
    1990-91Stanford Judicial Council
    1991-Resident Fellow, Kimball Hall
    1991-92Search Committee, Vice President for Student Resources
    1992Student Resources Advisory Committee on Budget Cuts
    1992African American Mentoring Group
    1992-93Stanford Committee on Legislative Conduct
    1992-93Committee on Undergraduate Admissions and Financial Aid
    1993Advisory Committee on Selection of 1993 Bing Teaching Fellows
    1993-94Commission on Undergraduate Education (and Academic Environment subcttee)
    1994-96Advisory Committee, Center for Teaching and Learning
    1996-97Chair, Steering Committee, Program in African and Afro-American Studies
    1996-97Committee on Independently Designed Majors
    1998Member, Campus Advisory Committee, Stanford Conference on Race: The Status of African Americans at the Turn of the Century (Nov 1999, L. Barker, Director)
    1998-2005Director, Program in African and African American Studies
    1998-2005Faculty Steering Committee, and Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, Center for Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity
    1999-2003Member, Stanford Faculty Senate and Task Force on Faculty Diversity
    2000-01Member, Senate Steering Committee, and Humanities and Sciences Dean's Search Committee
    2001-02Chair, Stanford Faculty Senate and Senate Steering Committee
    2002-05Chair, Graduate Student Subcommittee, Provost's Diversity Action Council
    2003-04Member, Planning and Policy Board (comprised of former Senate Chairs and others appointed by the Provost; charged with making broad policy recommendations for future directions and policies of the university)
    b. Department level
    1981-Undergraduate Co-advisor
    1981-89Carrier Pidgin Production Committee
    1982-83Search Committee, Assistant Professor, Phonetics
    1982-84Graduate Student Admissions Committee
    1983,84Chair, Departmental Majors Day Program
    1984-85Graduate Degree Program Review Committee
    1984-86Coordinator, Ferguson-Greenberg Lecture Series on Language Universals and Sociolinguistics
    1985-86Phonetics Lab Committee
    1985-86Chair, Teaching Equipment Committee
    1986-87Search Committee, Asst. Prof., Universals/Sociolinguistics
    1986-87Authentic Discourse Research Group, CSLI
    1987-91Chair, Undergraduate Studies Committee
    1987-Graduate Admissions Committee
    1989-90Tenure review committee, William Poser
    1990          Chair, Ad hoc committee on possible promotion of Gregory Guy
    1991-Co-Organizer (with T.Veatch , J.Solomon et al.) of Sociolinguistics Rap Sessions
    1992-93Faculty Search Committee (Semantics/Sociolinguistics position)
    1992-93Chair, Graduate Admissions Committee
    1993Chair, Sociolinguistics Search Committee
    1995-Chair, Undergraduate Studies Committee
    1996-97Vice Chair, Department of Linguistics
    1998-Instructor, Department of Linguistics' "Writing in the Major" course (L150)
    2000-01Chair, Library Committee, Linguistics
    2002Member, Phonetics/Sociolinguistics Search Committee
    2002-05Member, Graduate Admissions Committee
    2005Undergraduate Advisor and Chair, Undergraduate Advising, Spring
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VITA, John R. Rickford, October 2005