** TPU-edt -- Emacs emulating TPU emulating EDT **

TPU-edt features the following TPU/edt functionality:

Including support for:

TPU-edt works on any VT-series compatible terminal or emulator, is easy to install and use, and even comes with an UNDO function not available in TPU. Try TPU-edt today. We think you'll agree that it does a lot better TPU/edt emulation than vi!

Please note that TPU-edt does NOT emulate TPU. It emulates TPU's EDT emulation. Very few TPU line-mode commands are supported.

As of emacs version 19.22, TPU-edt comes with emacs. If your emacs is older than that, you can pick up TPU-edt from the elisp archives, or by simply clicking here, saving the resulting file as tpu-edt.tar, and going from there.