Please email your answers to me,, by
Wednesday, 9/6/06, at noon.  See the document How the Course Will
Work for information about the email's length, format,
appearance, etc.

A.  How the Course Will Work

     1.  THE CONTRACT.  By saying YES to the following question,
you are affixing your electronic signature to the Contract
described in this document.
     Did you read _How the Course Will Work_?

     2.  What was the rev date of the version you read? (Look at
the upper right hand corner.)  Identify at least 1 and no more
than 3 typos or other STOPPERS in that version.

B.  Gould v. Schawlow

     1.  Have you ever read this case before?  If yes, when,
where and why?

     2.  What one thing surprises you most about the experts'
testimony?  Identify by number the single Q&A (or a series of
consecutive Q&As) and explain why you are surprised by it.

     3.  Identify something masterful or foolish that one of the
attorneys did, whether by action or omission.  If possible, you
should choose something that concerns expert testimony.  If,
however, there is something you are really eager to discuss from
some other part of the opinion -- something that jumps off the
page at you, go ahead and choose that.  Explain briefly why you
think whatever you have chosen _was_ masterful or foolish, and
give an example of a different action or omission that would have
been the opposite.