Scientific Evidence and Expert Testimony - Patent Litigation   
Fall 2010 Prof. Morris
October 28, 2010 rev 7 20101201.1150

Lawyers Experts Judges
Monday, 11-15-10 at 5:30
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6,628,382 Liquid photometer using surface tension to contain sample
Inventor: Charles William Robertson
Issue: Infringement
Norm, Jane Josh, Miling Ken Bridges, Bridges
Irvin Tyan, Writer
Bob Goldman, Ropes&Gray

Monday, 11-15-10 at 8:00
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5,515,719 Controlled force microscope for operation in liquids
Inventor: Stuart Lindsay
Issue: Infringement
Zac, Zubin Li, Lieven Ken Bridges, Bridges
Eric Pai, MoFo
Marcus Reeslund, MoFo

Tuesday, 11-16-10 at 7:00
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6,035,015 Compton backscattered collmated X-ray source
Inventors: Ronald D. Ruth et al
Issue: Infringement
Wyatt, Will Daniel, Jing Tao Huang, PhD, WSGR
Linda Rost, PhD, Ropes&Gray
Yalei Sun, Morgan Lewis

Monday, 11-29-10 at 7:00
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6,498,854 Transducer for sensing body sounds
Inventor: Clive Smith
Issue: Obviousness
Darrell, Keya, Shenghan, Keya Norm Beamer, Ropes&Gray
Shenghan Emily Evans, MoFo
Jason Fan, PhD, Cooley
Mark Rowland, Ropes&Gray