Fall 2010 - Questionnaire for Scientific Evidence and Expert Testimony: Patent Litigation

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First Name (not necessarily your legal name, but rather the name you wish to be called)

Last Name

Some of this information already appears on your Consent Form.  I am sorry you have to enter it again,
but please bear with me:  it will be helpful for me to have everyone's answers in a standard electronic format.

Pronunciation of your first and last names (if not obvious)
 (Suggestions: use "rhymes with" for a syllable or group of syllables with unusual combinations of letters, vowels that can be pronounced a variety of ways, and similar problems.  Use CAPS to indicate which syllable is emphasized for other than common names.  It would not be necessary to write JOHNson but for Chmielewski, it would be helpful to write Chim-uh-LESS-kee.  He didn't, in 1995, and I still remember that I had to ask)

Expected Year of  Graduation from Stanford

2L, 3L, LLM, SJD, etc. 
If LLM or SJD, short phrase describing your focus (in a few words if possible)
If in joint degree program, identify other degree
School (e.g., H&S or Eng or Med)   
Thesis adviser's name(s)
Thesis Project (in a few words if possible)
Other scientific disciplines involved in your thesis project

Undergraduate School, its City and its State or Country

Year of Undergraduate Graduation

Undergraduate Major(s)

Aside from your undergraduate degree, did you commence any other degree program(s)
before you enrolled in your current program?  Give degree sought; year obtained or, if none,
dates of study; field, institution, location

If you have not been in school during every academic year since age 15, what else
have you done and when and where did you do it?   Please include names of employers
if I would recognize them, or the nature of the business if I would not recognize the name.
Please also specify the location: city and either state or country; the year and duration; 
and any other helpful information.

With how many patent applications have you been involved (however you wish to define "involved")?
None     1 to 3 More than 3

How many friends or relatives do you have who are involved with patents,
as inventors, patent lawyers or otherwise (again, defining "involved" however you wish)?
None     1 to 3 More than 3

You may use this box to describe your exposure to patent applications, patents, and people involved with
patents, and to define "involved."

What do you hope to learn in this course?

At our first meeting, I will distribute a spreadsheet with an abbreviated version of  the above personal information.
Please identify any (or all) answers you would like me to omit.

At our first meeting, I will also collect the printout of How the Course Will Work that you have read, marked up,
and signed..   State whether, for your own use until I hand back the printouts, you will (pick one) :
    make your own copy before class , or
    ask me to make a copy after class.

For my eyes only:
What book(s) are you currently reading, other than assigned books or reference works related to the pursuit of
your degree?  If none, when did you last finish a book other than
something assigned or work-related and what was the book?

Law Students ONLY: Please also complete the law questionnaire.