Winter 2012 - Questionnaire for IP: Scientific Evidence in Patent Litigation

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Your Name and How to Pronounce It
Pronunciation Suggestions: use "rhymes with" for such things as:
     (A) a syllable or group of syllables with unusual combinations of letters, and
     (B) vowels that can be pronounced a variety of ways.
Use CAPS to indicate which syllable is emphasized if the name is unusual.
I wouldn't make a mistake with JOHNson but if your name is Chmielewski,
it would be appropriate to write chim-uh-LESS-kee.  He didn't, back in 1995,
and has become legendary for that reason.

First Name (not necessarily your legal name but the name you wish to be called)

Pronunciation of FIRST name

Last Name

Pronunciation of LAST name

Your Current Endeavors at Stanford
If you are
    a grad student,
    a post-JD law student,
    a law student in a joint degree program working on a special project,
    or anyone else involved in a major research/writing project  we should know about,
please describe your project in about 25 words.  You should be brief but you do not have to dumb it down. 
Imagine that the reader was recently on Jeopardy! and won at least $15,000, which is a non-resume-specific way
to say that the person is quite intelligent, has an excellent vocabulary and knows about a wide range of subjects.

Disciplines involved in your project

Breaks from Education
If you have not been in school during every academic year since age 15, what else
have you done and when and where did you do it?   Please include names of employers
if I would recognize them, or the nature of the business if I would not recognize the name.
Please also specify the location: city and either state or country; the year and duration; 
and any other helpful information.

Familiarity with Patents and Patent People

With how many patent applications have you been involved (however you wish to define "involved")?
None     1 to 3 More than 3

How many friends or relatives do you have who are involved with patents,
as inventors, patent lawyers or otherwise (again, defining "involved" however you wish)?
None     1 to 3 More than 3

You may use this box to define "involved" and to describe your exposure to patent applications,
patents, and people involved with patents.


On a continuum where one end (call it "1") is always doing things to get them done, and the other end
(call it "10") is always doing things to get them right, where are you? 
Do it to get it DONE 1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10   Do it to get it RIGHT

If would like to comment on this continuum, do so here.

What do you hope to learn in this course?  (Try to keep it to 100 words or about 600 characters.)

In your most recent 4 years of school, how many books, other than assigned books or reference works
related to the pursuit of  your degree, did you read? 
If you are currently reading any unassigned, nonreference book(s), please identify it (them).
If not, why not?

What is your favorite movie?

At our first meeting, I will distribute a spreadsheet with an abbreviated version of  personal information
you included on the consent form and this questionnaire.  Please identify anything you would like me to omit.

If there is anything you have no room for here that you would like to add, please send it as the text of a
message to