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R. Berry and R. Johari (2013). Economic Modeling in Networking: A Primer.
Foundations and Trends in Networking, Volume 6, Issue 3, NOW Publishers.

Book chapters

R. Johari (2007). Efficiency loss and the design of scalable resource allocation mechanisms.
In: Algorithmic Game Theory, N. Nisan, T. Roughgarden, E. Tardos, V.V. Vazirani (eds.), pp. 543-567. Cambridge University Press: Cambridge, United Kingdom.
R. Johari and J.N. Tsitsiklis (2005). A game theoretic view of efficiency loss in resource allocation.
In: Advances in Control, Communication Networks, and Transportation Systems: In Honor of Pravin Varaiya, E.H. Abed (ed.), pp. 203-224. Birkhauser: Boston, Massachusetts.

Ph.D. thesis

R. Johari (2004). Efficiency loss in market mechanisms for resource allocation.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
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