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MS&E 221: Stochastic Modeling
This course is an introduction to stochastic processes, but with a wider range of applications than usually covered; the goal is to emphasize the interplay between modeling and theory.
MS&E 238: Network Structures and Analysis
This course focused on the role investigates the role of network structure in in social, technological, and economic systems, including basics of graph theory, social network analysis, and economic models of networks.
MS&E 246 (now 236H): Game Theory with Engineering Applications
I co-developed this course to address demand among engineering students for an introduction to game theory. This course covers the basics of static and dynamic games, with applications of current interest to engineers.
MS&E 336: Advanced Topics in Game Theory with Engineering Applications
In this course I typically cover material of interest for students intending to do research involving game theoretic methods. In the past, I have focused on dynamics and learning in games, as well as analysis and design of markets.
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