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Riitta Katila
Associate Professor
Management Science and Engineering

Office: Huang 336 | Phone: 650-725-1632 | Fax: 650-723-1614
Email: rkatila @


Download the complete research statement here.

Research Interests

My research lies in the intersection of technology, innovation, and strategy. I study innovation strategies that enable organizations to discover, develop and commercialize technologies, with the ultimate objective of understanding what makes established technology-based firms successful at introducing innovation. To answer this question, I conduct research on two interrelated streams: (1) strategies that help firms leverage their existing resources (leverage stream), and (2) strategies through which these firms can acquire new resources (acquisition stream) to create innovation.

Please use the links below to see my papers in each stream, and to download a complete research statement.

Stream 1: Leveraging existing resources

Stream 2: Acquiring new resources

Download the complete research statement here.


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