Final Project- Terminal


My original intentions for this project was to remove the vocals of the original song (Terminal by Devin Townsend) and replace the missing vocals with the captioned lyrics at the same time. However, I was unable to get in contact with Devin Townsend after failing to remove the vocals and decided on what I think now is a much better method. Instead of removing the vocals, I heavily edited the singing of Devin Townsend. What I did went along with the theme that I originally had in mind for the project- a compilation of videos having to do with water that tell a story, having the audio compliment this to an extent, while having the textual aspects of the project originally have very little to do with water. The music in the song has always given me an underwater feel since the first time I heard it. I edited the vocal parts of the song with a phaser and a wah effect to give it a swaying and atmospheric feel. I then looked around the internet for videos that I felt represented the lyrics of the song, or part at least, well. The song is extremely vague in its meaning but at the same time I find it to be very powerful, and one of the most beautiful parts about it is that it can be interpreted in many different ways, but the song has a clear and concise meaning to it's writer, Devin Townsend. To finish the video off I made sure to present the words to the song as they are spoken, especially since they may be unintelligible at times due to the editing. I found myself left with a product that is extremely powerful to me, and I hope that it can be interpreted in different ways and be found powerful by other people as well.