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This video’s primary goal is to use ambiguity and metaphors to analyze the colors of America: red, white, and blue. I started off with the three colors and took them to the different image and audio levels through symbolism. For red, I decided that it symbolizes the blood spilled in rebellion of the British to form America. I decided that a slow motion clip of a drop of blood slowly falling and splattering would be a fitting visual for the representation of red in the American flag. For the audio aspect of the color red, I chose the strong buildup of an aggressive song, “Depth Charge” by Devin Townsend, and timed the climax with the splattering of the blood drop. The aggressive and violent side of America is displayed through this first scene. In the second scene, I analyzed the color white on a metaphorical level. I determined that white is typically perceived as a color of innocence and hope, and that a strong representation of this could come in the form of a dove. From the image of the dove flying upwards I looked to find an inspirational and soft string piece which could be perceived as hopeful and peaceful. For this I used “The Suburbs (continued)” by Arcade Fire. This scene frames the eternal optimism and pride that many Americans feel about America as a country, and suggests that we are always hopeful and peaceful and can be completely ignorant of the violence or anything else happening in the world.  For the third and final scene, I analyzed the color blue. I determined that blue is generally looked upon as a depressing or sullen color, and I immediately associated the image of rain dropping down a window with the color. I also chose a depressing and sullen audio track to accompany this color and image, “Metamorphosis 2” by Philip Glass. This scene represents the past tragedies and sullen nature of many events in our history. The three scenes show how through the metaphorical expansion of the colors of the American flag  a picture of American culture and history can be somewhat accurately painted.