Life is very similar to a song
Made up of several different parts
Sometimes things are reversed and don’t come out the way they should
Other times the right way may seem boring and pointless
But when finally brought together, the different parts of life form a perfect harmony


When recording my audio poem I had an idea of using a song a metaphor for life. I had the idea of using one of my past recordings of songs, and I came upon my cover of the alternative band Guster’s “Happier” and decided that I thought the intro of the song had enough parts to be used as an accurate metaphor for life.  I cut down the song’s length to around a minute and began from there. I isolated each aspect of the song one by one, going through each “part of life”. I then decided that each part of life should have a line of text that corresponds to it, adding to the isolated feel of the audio.  I wanted to make the reversed part of the poem have a special emphasis in the audio track, so I reversed the guitar that was playing while the line is read in the audio poem.  Also, I saved the bass part of the song for the boring line of the poem, because there is a common misconception that the bass is a boring instrument. Finally, during the last line of the poem all of the parts come back together to form a tune and show that each part has a specific role to play in the song, just like everything you do plays a role in your life.