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First, I decided on a black background for the dark nature of the audio. On top of this is the blue nest like scattering of lines, which represents the rain and at the same time is a metaphorical nest for the music notes that represent the birds' chirps that come in later. I tried as best I could to get the music notes to sync up with the bird noises in the song. The blue lines are pulsing throughout the whole clip that is fitting because the sound is constantly present in the listener’s ear. The first lightning strike is represented by the thinner, less complex bolt that moves around a center point in a circle of sorts. The second bolt also follows this pattern but is thicker and more complex, as the sound of the second strike is deeper and more rumbling. As each strike ends it begins pulsing because they become also ever present in the listener’s ear. The birds’ chirps at the end get more rapid and repetitive, so I decided on zooming in on a line of music notes to represent that.  The colors I chose for each aspect were distinct so that each could be told apart. At the beginning the screen is calm but busy at the same time, and as time progresses the screen becomes less calm, but at the end I feel that while it is far more busy, that the calm nature of the audio is still represented by the calmness of the last frames.