Raghu Mahajan

Physics Notes

I am a Phd Student in (theoretical) Physics at Stanford University.
My doctoral advisor is Professor Sean Hartnoll.

I was born in Amritsar, the city of the serene Golden Temple. One of my favorite things is to go there at 4am in the morning.
I grew up in Chandigarh, we call it the City Beautiful.
When I am not doing theoretical physics, I like to travel, eat good food, play squash, or watch a Bollywood movie.

The purpose of this webpage is to make my physics notes publically available. These are my personal, informal notes that I take while learning technical topics as a theoretical physicist. You can read these notes via the link at the top of this page.

My research interests are wide-ranging:

  1. In the context of gravity, how does spacetime emerge from its dual quantum system? How does the dual quantum system encode the answers to questions that involve local physics in semi-classical gravity? How do you avoid the "firewall" paradox in the context of black-hole evaporation?
  2. How do you calculate electrical and heat currents in strongly-coupled many-body systems? How do you explain the linear-in-temperature resistivity in high-temperature cuprates?
  3. Use tensor network methods to study electrical and heat transport and also the real-time dynamics of systems out of thermal equilibrium.
  4. Use the conformal bootstrap equations in conjunction with linear programming techniques to study CFT's nonperturbatively.

For a complete list of research publications, please visit my INSPIRE page.

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