Choose a project that interests and excites you. It is intended as a chance for you to get more practice with R and to explore its more advanced tools. You may consider working on a problem related to your own research and use your own data. However, you should focus more on coding rather than on answering a research question. Through the project you should demonstrate the skills you have learnt by taking this class, but you are encouraged to implement material not taught in class.

You are responsible for formulating your own project. However, you should consult with me on the scope of your planned work. Below, I have included a list of topics you may want to consider when planning your project.

You can work in groups of up to four students and you are encouraged to do so. The goal of the project should be to have fun! You are taking this class because you want to learn about R, and this is your opportunity to it in any way you like. As a rough estimate, the project should take you around 20 hours of work (per person in the group).

Schedule for deliverables

Everything should be uploaded on Gradescop before the deadline.

Project Ideas