Randy Strauss at Stanford

Updated 10/05/2017

Since 12/12/2016 I work for the Stanford Medical School on:
CHOIR: Collaborative Health Outcomes Information Registry -
This web application software that offers surveys to patients to collect information so doctors and researchers can better know what works. Stanford is mainly using it for pain patients. Other universities are using it for other patients. And much more is wanted.

I work about 5 miles from home, near the VA in their IRT group : 3172 Porter Dr. 94304

You can reach me at 650-861-1537 or via email
Send a text to my phone via email to: 16508611537@tmomail.net
Much more than you want to know is on my personal site.

Did you know that America has deep political problems?
There's a remarkable, doable, fast solution: PeopleCount.org

PS: I work for:
   Garrick Olson, Architect, SoM - IRT Research Technology
Who works for:
   Somalee Datta, Director of Research IT, SoM - IRT Research Technology

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