About me

Advised by Dr. Bing Su, in 2009 I received my Ph.D. in KIZ, CAS. During my Ph.D., I developed strong interest in miRNA-mediated gene regulatory network. Using human and non-human primates as models, I studied 1) the evolutionary dynamics of miRNA itself; 2) the impact of miRNA on mRNA expression change and stability; 3) the role of miRNA target site variants on human cognition. In 2009 I joined Dr. Stephen Cohen’s lab in TLL as a Postdoc. Taking advantage of the fly miRNA knockout strains in the lab, I tested whether nonconserved miRNAs contribute to speciation. In 2010, I returned to China and studied the miRNA behavior from a theoretical point of view at Dr. Chung-I Wu’s lab. I have started to work on RNA editing at Dr. Jin Billy Li's lab in the Genetics Department of Stanford University since 2011. My current research is focused on combining novel computational methods and the latest sequencing technology to study the dynamics and evolution of RNA editing, a post-transcriptional-processing mechanism that contributes to the dynamics of gene regulation and the diversity of gene products, in various of biological systems. I am also interested in developing novel techniques for high-throughput biology.

My wife, my little daughter and I are currently living in Stanford, CA.

Last modified Dec 2012