Interesting Facts about Stanford

Stanford is located in the foothills of the San Francisco peninsula. Enrollment in 1994 totaled 14,031, of whom 6,561 were undergraduates and 7,470 were graduate students. Stanford awarded 4,232 degrees in 1992-93, of which 1,730 were baccalaureate and 2,707 were advanced degrees.

The University includes the Schools of Business, Earth Sciences, Education, Engineering , Humanities & Sciences, Law, and Medicine, as well as numerous centers, institutes, programs, and laboratories.

Among the 1,398 faculty, there are 12 Nobel laureates, 97 members of the National Academy of Sciences, 162 members of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 61 members of the National Academy of Engineering, 16 members of the National Academy of Education, 19 winners of the National Medal of Science, 28 members of the American Philosophical Society, 6 Pulitzer Prize winners, and 14 MacArthur Prize winners.

Most people who work at Stanford agree it's a great place to work. The nearly 8000 staff at Stanford are exceptional, commendable, praiseworthy and meritorious, especially in the Haas Center. Suzanne Abel-Vidor isn't so bad, either, even if she did graduate from Stanford East.