Monographs in progress

The great leveler: violence and the global history of inequality, under contract with Princeton University Press (c.250 p., to be completed in 2016 for publication in 2017)

The demography of the Greco-Roman world, ‘Key themes in ancient history’ series, under contract with Cambridge University Press (c.200 p., to be completed in 2018)

Explaining empire: models for ancient history, ‘Oxford Studies in Early Empires’ series, under contract with Oxford University Press


Edited volumes in progress

The science of ancient history: biology, climate and the future of the past, under contract with Princeton University Press (completion planned for 2016)

[co-edited with Peter Bang and Christopher Bayly ] The Oxford world history of empire, under contract with Oxford University Press (2 vols., completion planned for 2016)


Edited volume planned

[co-edited with Michael E. Smith and Marc van de Mieroop] City, city-state and empire in Mesoamerica and the Old World, for Oxford University Press


Book chapter in progress

[with James Belich] ‘Demographies of empire’, for Peter Bang, Chris Bayly and Walter Scheidel (eds.), The Oxford World History of Empire, under contract with Oxford University Press


Journal articles in progress

[with Ian Morris] ‘Comparative ancient history’, for Daedalus

‘Monarchical succession and dynastic continuity in world history’

‘The emperor’s new blood: violence, succession, and the nature of the Roman monarchy’

‘Rule from the margins: Rome’s Illyrican borderlands emperors, 235-610 CE’

‘The ‘First Great Divergence’: empire and the path to modernity in eastern and western Eurasia’

[with Andrew Monson] ‘Metaethnic frontiers in the ancient world, 3000 BCE to 500 CE’

‘The rise of the Roman empire’


Future book and paper projects

The wolf and the dragon: comparing empire in ancient China and the Mediterranean

Counterfactuals and the construction of ancient history

Ancient slavery and modern comparisons

Brother-sister and parent-child marriage in pre-modern societies

Femicide and sex ratios in the ancient Mediterranean world’

‘Beyond Taagepera: global long-term trends in the scale of state formation’

‘Death and renewal in a Roman local elite: the album of Canusium reconsidered’

‘Zoroastrian close-kin marriage: a corpus of testimonies with bibliography’ (e-publication)


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