Monographs in progress

The great leveler: violence and the global history of inequality, under contract with Princeton University Press (c.200 p., to be completed in 2016)

The demography of the Greco-Roman world, ‘Key themes in ancient history’ series, under contract with Cambridge University Press (c.200 p., to be completed in 2017)

Explaining empire: models for ancient history, ‘Oxford Studies in Early Empires’ series, under contract with Oxford University Press (c.250 p., to be completed c.2020)

The emperor’s new blood: violence, succession and the nature of the Roman monarchy (to be completed c.2020)


Edited volumes in progress

[co-edited with Peter Bang and Chris Bayly] The Oxford world history of empire, under contract with Oxford University Press (2 vols., completion planned for 2015)

The science of ancient history, under contract with Princeton University Press (completion planned for 2015)

[co-edited with John Bodel] After “Slavery and social death” (completion planned for 2014)


Future book projects

The wolf and the dragon: comparing empire in ancient China and the Mediterranean

Counterfactuals and the construction of ancient history

Ancient slavery and modern comparisons

Clio at large: comparative explorations in ancient history (re-worked collected essays)

Brother-sister and parent-child marriage in pre-modern societies


Book chapters in progress or planned

[with James Belich] ‘Demographies of empire’, for Peter Bang, Chris Bayly and Walter Scheidel (eds.), The Oxford World History of Empire, under contract with Oxford University Press

[with Kyle Harper] ‘The Roman slave society’, for: C. Cameron and N. Lenski (eds.), publication of the conference What is a slave society? (Boulder 2013)


Journal articles in progress or planned

[with Ian Morris] ‘Comparative ancient history’, for Daedalus

‘Monarchical succession and dynastic continuity in world history’

‘The short lives of monarchs’

‘The ‘First Great Divergence’: causes and consequences of post-ancient state formation in eastern and western Eurasia’

Femicide and sex ratios in the ancient Mediterranean world’

‘Beyond Taagepera: global long-term trends in the scale of state formation’

‘Death and renewal in a Roman local elite: the album of Canusium reconsidered’

‘Zoroastrian close-kin marriage: a corpus of testimonies with bibliography’ (e-publication)


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