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Postdoctoral Positions
Prospective postdocs interested in our research are encouraged to contact Sarah Church directly.

Physics or Applied Physics Graduate Students
We are now accepting applications from current graduate students for Fall Quarter rotations. The following types of work are available:
  • Instrumentation for the next generation of CMB polarization experiments.
  • Measurements of CMB polarization with the QUIET experiment
  • Preparing for future data sets including those from the Planck and SPIRE satellites by simulating observations and modeling expected science results
Students are welcome to carry out a mixture of experimental and data analysis work, or to concentrate exclusively on one or the other. A more detailed list of specific projects for winter quarter is available here (because this page contains non-public project information it is accessible only by current members of the Stanford community)

Undergraduate Students
No space available at this time.

Other Graduate Students
Note: Each year we get many requests from students with experience in computer programming who have been admitted into Masters programs in Computer Science or the School of Engineering. They are often looking for a combination of employment and tuition coverage and have been given (bad) advice that there are opportunities for GSRA appointments in Physics. In compliance with paragraph 2.c in the Stanford Administrative Guide which states:

Relevancy ó The service performed (teaching or research) must be related to the studentís academic program in order to qualify for the assistantship appointment.

we only offer GSRA appointments to students whose Ph.D. research include astrophysics topics.

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