Mac Schwager

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Assistant Professor
Stanford University
Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Director of the Multi-robot Systems Lab (MSL)
Ph.D. MIT, 2009
M.S. MIT, 2005
B.S. Stanford, 2000

I study distributed algorithms for control, estimation, and learning in groups of autonomous aerial vehicles, robots, and animals. Here are a few of my current and past research topics:

  • Distributed control for the deployment of aerial camera networks

  • Agile control of quadrotor swarms

  • Monitoring and controlling environmental phenomena with aerial robots

  • Cooperative manipulation with teams of mobile manipulators

  • Trustworthiness, deception, and adversaries in multi-robot systems

  • Human-swarm interfaces and brain-swarm interfaces

You can read about these topics in more detail by visiting the website of my lab, the Multi-robot Systems Lab (MSL), or by reading some of my papers.

Jan 15, 2016
We are excited to have five papers accepted to ICRA 2016 in Stockholm. ICRA's acceptance rate was 34.7% this year.


Durand Building, Room 387B
496 Lomita Mall
Stanford, CA 94305
schwager (at) stanford (dot) edu