Mac Schwager

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Associate Professor
Stanford University
Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Director of the Multi-robot Systems Lab (MSL)
Ph.D. MIT, 2009
M.S. MIT, 2005
B.S. Stanford, 2000

I study distributed algorithms for control, estimation, and learning in groups of autonomous aircraft, autonomous cars, and robots. Here are a few of my current and past research topics:

  • Distributed control for the deployment of aerial camera networks

  • Agile control of quadrotor swarms

  • Monitoring and controlling environmental phenomena with aerial robots

  • Cooperative manipulation with teams of mobile manipulators

  • Trustworthiness, deception, and adversaries in multi-robot systems

  • Human-swarm interfaces

  • Autonomous drone racing

You can read about these topics in more detail by visiting the website of my lab, the Multi-robot Systems Lab (MSL), or by reading some of my papers.


Durand Building, Room 266
496 Lomita Mall
Stanford, CA 94305
schwager (at) stanford (dot) edu