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Our education web sites:
Virtual Urchin
The International Student Carbon Footprint Challenge (ISCFC)
I2I: Inquiry-to-Insight
ESI: Vanishing Fish

Our SICB symposium, 2006

Echinoderm Genomics

Ocean Acidification
Our Acidifying Ocean activity and virtual lab (high school/university level)
Virtual Marine Scientist virtual lab (high school/university level)
The Ocean Acidification Network
The Darkening Sea, E. Kolbert, New Yorker, 11/06
The Acid Sea, E. Kolbert, National Geographic, 04/11

Habitat Preservation
Rainforest Action Network
The Rainforest Site - click daily to preserve rainforest
Mangrove Action Project - mangroove!

Politics & human rights
Democracy Now! - go Amy go!
To the point - Warren Olney's excellent daily talk radio show on KCRW
B'tselem - the Israeli human rights organization
Médecins Sans Frontières - Doctors Without Borders, amazing work where most peoiple won't go

NY Times food writer Mark Bittman on going veg...poco a poco

Some of my travel writings
Solstice Southern Sojourn - Paraguay 2008
Freaks in Afrique - South Africa, Moçambique, Madagascar 2010
Wales Wander - 2013
Psando por Panama - 2015

Mushroom Expert - good online keys
Puget Sound Mycological Society
Fungi Perfecti - Paul Stamets' company

Tao Te Ching - Stephen Mitchell translation


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