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AP 383. INTRODUCTION TO ATOMIC PROCESSES Atomic spectroscopy, matrix elements using the Coulomb approximation, summary of Racah algebra, oscillator and line strengths, Einstein A coefficients.  Radiative processes, Hamiltonian for two and three-state systems, single and multi-photon processes, linear and nonlinear susceptibilities, density matrix, brightness, detailed balance, and electromagnetically induced transparency.  Inelastic collisions in the impact approximation, interaction potentials, Landau-Zener formulation.  Continuum processes, Saha equilibrium, autoionization, and recombination.

EE 346. INTRODUCTION TO NONLINEAR OPTICS - Wave propagation in anisotropic, nonlinear, and time-varying media. Microscopic and macroscopic description of electric dipole susceptibilities. Free and forced waves - phasematching; slowly varying envelope approximation - dispersion, diffraction, space-time analogy; harmonic generation; frequency conversion; parametric amplification and oscillation; electro-optic light modulation; nonlinear processes in optical fibers.

EE141.  Engineering Electromagnetics