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Mythimna moths

Order: Lepidoptera
Family: Nocturidae
Genus: Mythimna

This appears to be a large but greatly ignored group of lepidopterans.
They are quite poorly represented in Wikipedia.
Most of the hits on google link to pages on how to eliminate them as pests.
Most of the species in this group tend to be somewhat nondescript - what I have termed little biege jobbies (LBJs) in analogy with the term lbj (little brown jobbie) used for many passerine birds.


Little beige jobbie

Arcadia Place
May 20, 2015

Although I found some pretty similar specimens online, 1) the fact that this guy's wings are pretty messed up, and 2) the fact that I could not find pictures of many species in this genus, which might be even more similar, made me happy just to identify the genus without going further.

Given its impressive "mane", and its color, if one were generous, one might call this a "lion moth".


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