Task:  Write a method section for your research.


Length:  anywhere from 1-3 pages will do.  The more “fixed” your topic is, the closer your method section should resemble that of a journal article.


First, check journals in your field and see what material is to be included.

If you are in a psych-related or social science field, you should use the APA format (handout on APA format given out in class last week). 


Second, using the headings required for a method section ( e.g., procedure, instruments, research subjects etc) provide all the relevant information.  If you do not know the information just give us an approximation or your best guess .


e.g. Surveys will be administered to 48? subjects who are undergraduate students at Stanford University.  ?Half the sample will be male, half female.  They will range in age from ?18.0 to 22 years.


e.g. The survey contained ?70 items which assessed sociodemographic information, measures of self-esteem and locus of control, and attributions made for success and failure.

Self-esteem was assessed by the Rosenberg scale of self concept (Rosenberg, 1956) and consisted of 10 items, which were rated as either true or false.  The alpha coefficient was highly satisfactory (alpha = ?.93).  A sample item is “ I feel pretty good about the kind of person I am.


  Give evidence that you know what kind of material should be included (even if you do not know the exact instrument you will be using).

  If you plan to use qualitative research tell us your method of scoring the interviews or questionnaires.


Your goal is to convince us that you know what you are doing!!!!