A good model (of how the world scientific or social scientific works) has predictive power which should allow you to easily anticipate the results of your study. However, the most interesting experiments that those that produce unexpected results and possibly even the creation of a new model. These experiments also require that you predict the results of your study.

Anticipating the nature of your data and the structure of your data presentation are critically important to designing a study that will produce high quality data which will allow you to effectively address your research question. Therefore, if you are having trouble visualizing and writing about the structure of your data, it may reflect upon your methods, the clarity of your questions, and even upon the nature of your model.

Simply stated, your assignment is to sketch out the structure of your results and the ways in which they will be presented: tabular, graphical, pictorally, etc. One page is sufficient.

The structure of the data should flow logically from the description of your methods.