Current Research

  • Asymmetries in Spoken Word Perception and Sound Change

    [+] Dissertation. Committee: Dan Jurafsky (co-advisor), Meghan Sumner (co-advisor), and Jen Hay

  • Word-Frequency Effects in an Exemplar-Based Model of Push-Chains

    [+] with Janet Pierrehumbert and Jen Hay

  • Something from nothing: pragmatic parsing of partitive possessives

    [+] Qualifying Paper 2. Committee: Chris Potts (chair), Vera Gribanova, and Boris Harizanov [ms]

  • Avoiding interpretation ambiguities with phonetic cues

    [+] Qualifying Paper 1. Committee: Dan Jurafsky (chair), Joan Bresnan, and John Rickford [ms]

  • Faithfulness and Exceptionality in Polish Stress: A Multistratal OT Analysis

    [+] In-Depth Language Requirement. Advisor: Paul Kiparsky [ms]

  • Pronouncing the Zs: Epenthesis in English plural possessives

    [+] Best student paper at Phonetics and Phonology in Europe, June 2015 [abstract] [slides]

  • Eh in the Englishes of New Zealand