Sachin Katti

Assistant Professor, EE & CS, Stanford University
Co-Founder, Kumu Networks
Office: 342 Gates Hall, Stanford University, Stanford, CA, 94305
Affiliations: Open Networking Research Center
Email: skatti at stanford dot edu
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Recent News

  • Copysets awarded the Best Student Paper at USENIX ATC 2013.
  • Awarded the Sloan Fellowship and the ACM Sigcomm Rising Star Award.
  • Full duplex and pFabric accepted to ACM Sigcomm 2013, and Full Duplex MIMO to USENIX NSDI 2014.
  • Research Projects

    OpenRadio: Rearchitecting wireless infrastructure to be virtualizable and shareable.
                      Papers: Sigcomm 12, HotSDN 12, HotSDN 13, CoNEXT 13

    Full Duplex: Redesigning wireless networks with radios that simultaneously transmit and receive.
                      Papers: Mobicom 10, Mobicom 11, Sigcomm 12, Sigcomm 13, HotNets 13, NSDI 14

    Rateless Networking: Feedback-less wireless network design for data and video.
                      Papers: Hotnets 10, Sigcomm 11, Mobicom 11, Mobicom 12

    Datacenter Transport & Storage: minimalistic, near-optimal data center transport and fabric.
                      Papers: Hotnets 12, Sigcomm 13, Usenix ATC 13

    Wireless Coexistence: cognitive protocols for co-existence in a crowded world.
                      Papers: Sigcomm 11, HotNets 11, Sigcomm 12

    Radio Localization: sub-meter localization of commodity radios in noisy multipath environments.
                      Papers: NSDI 13

    Network Coding: rearchitecting wireless mesh networks with routers that mix packets.
                      Papers: Sigcomm 06, Sigcomm 07, Sigcomm 07, Sigcomm 08

    Broader Impact

  • Founded and leading Kumu Networks to transfer and commercialize my group SNSG's research on self-interference cancellation and full duplex to practice. The technology is broadly applicable across all radios; Kumu is developing products that use full duplex technology to significantly improve cellular spectral efficiency and broadband speeds.
  • Working with to transfer our research on OpenRadio and software defined cellular networking to practice via a broadband network deployment in Northern California. Our goal is to create open, inexpensive and re-usable network hardware and software substrates that underserved communities around the world can use to quickly deploy broadband wireless networks.
  • Students

  • Aditya Gudipati: rateless networking (Stanford Graduate Fellow)
  • Manu Bansal: wireless baseband virtualization
  • Asaf Cidon: decoupled lightweight wireless control (Stanford Graduate Fellow)
  • Rakesh Mishra: interference management (Stanford Graduate Fellow)
  • Kanthi Nagaraj: cellular packet core
  • Kiran Joshi: backscatter & imaging
  • Manikanta Kotaru: backscatter & imaging (Stanford Graduate Fellow)
  • Alumni

  • Steven Hong (PhD 2012, co-founder of Kumu Networks)
  • Tomer London (PhD student, on leave, co-founder of ZenPayroll)
  • Jeffrey Mehlman (PhD student, on leave, co-founder of Kumu Networks)
  • Dinesh Bharadia (PhD student, on leave, principal scientist at Kumu Networks)
  • Awards

  • 2013: ACM Sigcomm Rising Star Award
  • 2013: Best Student Paper, USENIX ATC 2013
  • 2013: Sloan Fellowship
  • 2012: ACM SIGCOMM 2012 Best Student Paper
  • 2012: NSF Career Award
  • 2011: Okawa Foundation Fellowship
  • 2011: Best Paper Award, ACM SIGCOMM Workshop on Home Networking
  • 2010: Terman, Hoover and Packard Junior Faculty Fellowships, Stanford University
  • 2010: Best Demonstration Award, ACM MOBICOM 2010
  • 2009: ACM Doctoral Dissertation Award, Honorable Mention
  • 2009: George Sprowls Award for Best Dissertation in CS, MIT
  • 2009: IEEE William Bennett Prize
  • 2007: MIT Deshpande Center Innovation Grant
  • 1999: National Talent Search Scholar, India