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Sabina S. Alistar



  • Alistar, S.S. and M.L. Brandeau. Decision making for HIV prevention and treatment scale up: Bridging the gap between theory and practice. Medical Decision Making (in press); published online 29 December 2010.
    Medical Decision Making link
  • Alistar, S.S., Owens D.K., Brandeau M.L. Effectiveness and cost effectiveness of expanding harm reduction and antiretroviral therapy in a mixed HIV epidemic: A modeling analysis for Ukraine. PLoS Medicine 8(3): e1000423, 2011.
    PLoS Medicine link
  • Alistar, S.S., Brandeau, M.L., and E.J. Beck. REACH: A practical HIV resource allocation tool for decision makers.* In G.S. Zaric (Ed.), Operations Research and Health Care Policy, Springer Publishers, New York, in press.
    * Awarded the First Prize in the Lee B. Lusted Competition for Best Student Research Presentation at the Society for Medical Decision Making 32nd Annual Meeting in Toronto, 2010.
    Honorable Mention in the Doing Good with Good OR Student Competition, INFORMS Annual Meeting, 2011.


  • Alistar, S.S., Long, E.F., Brandeau M.L., Beck, E.J. HIV epidemic control: A model for optimal allocation of prevention and treatment resources. Under review, 2011.
  • Alistar, S.S. Effectiveness and cost effectiveness of oral pre-exposure prophylaxis for injection drug users in mixed HIV epidemics. Working paper, 2011.*
    * Plenary talk at the Society for Medical Decision Making 33rd Annual Meeting in Chicago, 2011
  • Alistar, S.S., Bendavid, E. Antiretroviral Therapy and Pre-exposure Prophylaxis for HIV Prevention in South Africa: An Economic Analysis. Working paper, 2011.
  • Alistar, S.S., Armbruster, B. Resource allocation for optimal control of epidemics: can treatment compete? Working paper, 2011.
  • Long, E.F., Alistar, S.S., Beck, E.J., Brandeau M.L. Expanded HIV screening and antiretroviral treatment in the United Kingdom: A cost-effectiveness analysis. Working paper, 2011.


  • Grecu, M. and Alistar, S.S. Nomenclatura Chimiei Organice (Capitole Speciale) [The Nomenclature of Organic Chemistry Special Chapters]. ISBN 973-99060-9-5, Ariadna Publishing House, Baia Mare, 2000.


  • Alistar, S.S. HIV/AIDS: Use existing funds effectively [Letter]. Science, 2010, 330(6000): 34-b-35.