Each quarter, Undergraduate Research Programs and the Stanford Writing Center co-sponsor a series of "How I Write" talks. During each one of these talks, a prominent Stanford professor is interviewed about his or her writing style. So far for Fall quarter 2003, there are currently three talks scheduled:

  • Wednesday, October 29, 12-1:30pm: Estelle Freedman, Professor of U.S. History.
  • Thursday, November 6, 7-8:30pm: Don Barr, Associate Professor (Teaching) of Sociology.
  • Monday, November 17th, 7-8:30pm: Dr. David Rasch, Director of the Help Center.

These events will take place in the Stanford Writing Center: you are required to attend one of them. Within 24 hour after attending the event, you should post a report to the "How I Write" folder on PanFora of approximately 125-250 words in which you summarize the talk and reflect on what insights it gave you on your own writing strategies.

If you are unable to attend either of the "How I Write" events, you should consult with Christine for an alternate assignment.

This assignment counts as one of the "informal writing assignments" for this class, and accordingly you will receive credit, but not a letter grade, for completing it.

Note: Students in PWR1H-3 can write up their "How I Write" report as part of their writer's log and hand it in with their entire log at the end of the quarter.

Due Date
variable, but before November 19th; in general, 24 hours after attending the "How I Write" talk
125-250 words, posted to the "How I Write" folder on PanFora or, in the case of Section 3, in your writer's log