Since students enrolled in the honors sections of PWR1 have opted for courses more intensely focused on the experience of writing and being a writer, students in PWR1H-3 will keep a writer's log throughout fall quarter in which they will track their development, trials and tribulations, as a writer in PWR -- and as a first year student.

What is a writer's log?
A writer's log is a space -- it can be paper or electronic -- in which you keep track of your thoughts and experiences as a writer. We'll start the log together in class, but you need to do ten entries -- roughly one per week -- in which you write about the papers you are working on, on the research you are doing, or on your feelings about writing in general (you can, of course, write more if you like). I will be reading your logs at the end of the quarter, and they will help me (and you!) conceptualize your growth as a writer.
What do I write about in my writer's log?
The subjects are up to you -- as long as they are about writing. Here are some examples of content from previous students' logs:
    • pre-writing (brainstorming, clustering, etc.) for various paper assignments
    • free-writing on PWR and I-Hum writing assignments
    • notes on the research process, including library citations and brief comments on sources
    • pasted in examples of visual rhetoric, accompanied by notes and free-write
    • reflections on an article read in the Daily
    • reaction to another student's ideas discussed in class
    • rant about a student paper model read in class
    • written response to one the research source's ideas
    • image samples for research paper
    • on-going journal about PWR class (excitement, anxieties, etc.) in general

You will need to include the How I Write Report, a reflection on the research forum you attended or on the Symposium of Undergraduate Research, a mid-term writing evaluation, and Final course reflection letter as part of your 10 (minimum) entries. Beyond these four required entries, a minimum of five others should focus on PWR-related writing activities (and of these, no more than two should be drawn from in-class writing activities). The rest of your entries can focus on any writing you are doing -- academic or otherwise -- this quarter.

What should it look like?
Creativity and individuality are key for the writer's log. Just as all writers write differently, so your log should be an expression of your own unique style, voice, strategies, anxieties, etc. You can produce it in paper or electronic format.
Paper: You can use white paper, graph paper, colored paper -- or a combination. Just be sure to collect it all (in a binder or spiral notebook) for final submission.

Electronic: You can create computer documents/files for each of your entries -- however, these files ultimately should be arranged and submitted on a CD (not through PanFora or e-mail).

Since this is a course on visual rhetoric, using images, color, design, etc. is important to your log. If you are going to collect your log in a binder, design a cover for your binder, for instance. Also, please include images in your entries themselves.

One caveat: Handwriting must be legible for entries to count!

Turning it in
You'll turn it in to me at the end of the quarter -- Friday, December 5th. What I'm expected at that point is an ANNOTATED writer's log. That means that the final step in your log will be to go back through your entries and either in a different color, or in a preface to each entry, give me the equivalent of a "voice over" for each entry -- explaining it, its significance, and how you feel about what you wrote now. Any unannotated writer's logs will be returned to you for annotation before I can give it credit.


Due Date
Writing should be done consistently throughout the quarter, but the log as a whole -- but annotated -- should be turned in on Friday, December 5th by 5pm to my office (building 460-room 335).

The Writer's Log should be in a binder if in paper form (unless it is already part of a spiral notebook), and burned on a CD if electronic. It should contain both texts and images: the images may be literally cut out of other sources and taped into the log if necessary. The log should contain no fewer than ten entries, including

  • How I Write Report
  • Research forum or SURP report/reflection
  • mid-quarter writing reflection (week 4 or 5)
  • Final course reflection letter

Beyond these four requirements, at least five of your entries must be specifically PWR-focused. The rest can be focused on any sort of writing you do this quarter -- personal writing, writing you do for other classes, writing you do for publication. You may label your pages, use divider tabs, or simply arrange them in chronological order -- but there should be a logical organization at work. Also, your final log should be annotated to demonstrate your retrospection on your development as a writer during the quarter.